Interview with Artist, Dancer and Model. Mia Margolis

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Hi Mia!! It’s a great pleasure to have you as our guest on Vocespettacolo.com. Lets’ start from the first question.. Let’s have a jump into the past. What was your dream since when you were a kid? What would you like to do?
I have always dreamt of being an artist. When i was a young child in elementry school I practiced my drawing and painting. I worked tirelesly to enter a painting into my schools competition. In a heart breaking event, my work was accidentally destroyed and i diverted from the path of a painter, and began to express myself through the medium of dance. It was not until many years later when with the love, support and encouragement of my husband that i once again pursued my childhood dream of becomming an artist.
No longer a child, and emboldnend with the experience of womanhood i endevour to express myself and express the story of the feminine form in my art, in my dance, in my modeling and in my life. I would like to bring together many different mediums of expression to share my views of life and love with the world.
Who is Miyoung Margolis?
I am a free spirit. A passionate lover. An expressive Artist, Dancer and Model. I was born in Seoul, Korea, the youngest of two daughters. My Mother worked hard to encourage and support us to grow into strong independent women. She taught me to always do my best, to never give up and always keep fighting. In Korea, I was MiYoung Seul. I received an undergraduate degree in Dance from Korea National Sports Univeristy and a Masters in Physical Education with a special concentration in Dance from Ehwa Womens University. In addition to my rigerous studies and challenging performance schedules; I was further challenged with many jobs. Including being a host and writer of my own TV show. In 2005, I moved from Seoul, Korea to Seattle, Washington USA. The past 11 years have been a rollercoaster of challenges and growth. I worked many jobs, including: Radio host, Hotel GM and Director of Educational Centers. All the while, I always felt a hunger to return to the arts. In 2014, I became officially MiYoung Margolis through marriage.
Can you tell us about what you do in your life?
I spend my time seeking out new opportunities for expression. New opportunities to collaborate with other artists. Most often these collaborations take place in Seattle. But I am very excited by opportunities to collaborate with artists, designers, photographer and galleries around the world.
What’s the best and worst aspect of your job?
I am an artist
Best Part?
Always filling fulfilled in terms of freedom of expression and freedom to work with so many creative people. The freedom to look at the world through the eyes of possiblity, rather than limitations and to take inspiration from the beauty and creativity of those that I encounter in my life.
Worst Part?
The life of an artist is to always be hungry. Many times in our society art is viewed as important and beautiful, but not appreciated at its full value. This is always a challenge for us artists, and perhaps where the term starving artist is derived. The support and motivation of my fans helps to keep me going. I hope through this publication new doors can open to future collaborations, new fans and potential benefactors.
What are your best satisfactions you had in your life and career?
Recognition as an Professional International Model and TV Reporter. In 2002 I traveled across Asia in both roles with appearances in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China. More recently in 2015 as a Model with publications in the USA and Japan. 
Being an Educator. Shaping young minds and watching them grow from children into young adults. I still remain in touch with some of my previous students, who still fondly call me their favorite teacher. 
Being an artist. Dispalying my work at local galleries, attending art walks and artist receptions. Listening to other peoples interpertations of my work. Collaborating with other artists to get new inspiration.
Falling in love. When I fall in love, I give it all my all, my everything. It can be the most fulfilling or lead to the most painful moments in life. Even if resulting in pain, I do not regret falling in love; For love is beautiful and love is pure.
What life has taken away from yourself and what has it added up to now?…And in your work?
I have grown from a child into an independent woman. Through this journey I have seen the best and worst of people, felt the passion and joy of love as well as the cold shadow of hate. I suppose the standard answer people would say is that they have lost their innocense and gained perspective. This is of course true for me as well, however I think more deeply, what I have gained is a deep understanding of female emotions.
Feelings of comfort and joy. Feelings of loss, saddness and lonelyness. The most important, the 1000s of feelings that surround falling in and out of love.
It is all of these emotions that I represent in my work in “Jane Collection.” Inspired by the concept of Jane Eyre and the experience of women in the Victorian era. “Jane Collection” is a modern expression of the emotions that I and all women experience. It aims to share to the viewer what it means to grow up as a woman.
When I first read Jane Eyre as a teenager, I imagined her big pure eyes, stubburn nose, pale skin and rose red lips. She is a strong inteligent woman, with natural beauty and a naïvely innocenct approach to love.
In my mind, every woman can be beautiful inside and out as is Jane Eyre.
What does Mia like the most about herself and what the less?
I am an Artist, a Free Spirit. I am open-minded and fearless to experiement in life and in my art. Exploring new forms, now topics, new mediums and materials. Pushing myself to establish new collaborations between different artist and distinct artforms. Blending of emotions with experience and sharing the story of my life.
This is a double edged sword. I have within me the capability to provide so much to the world through so many different mediums. I often find it challenging to focus on just one outlet for my expression. This means many projects often remain incomplete and suffer due to the progress and attention given elsewhere. Eventually I get back to finish them, but in that time my heart and emotions will move on and the piece will take on a new form as it depicts the transition from my emotional state at the time of starting vs completion.
Do you really believe in what you do?…Do you really do what you believe in?
Without my art, I would already be dead, an empty shell. Through my expression I am feeding my soul and sharing my love with the world. As I believe in love, I believe in my art. Everyday, I am trying to be a stronger artist, both more techincally adept but also more emotionally pure and true to my soul.
I am a lucky one in that I have good support that enables me to focus on my art and expression with out fear of where my next meal will come from. I am not starving, but I still remain hungry for expresion and foolish enough to take on the new challenges.
Three things that need to be present in your life.
Dance, Love & Art
When I am Dancing, I feel connected to my body, I feel my heart racing and I know that I am alive. It is this connection that I desired to empart in my “Tango Series”, a collection of works that depict the passion and dynamic nature of the Argentine Tango.
I can not exist without love. To be loved, is one of the most basic needs. The love of my partner, the love my family and the love of my friends push me to always do my best and is always present in my art. My work in “Bridal Project” expresses the happiest day in a womans life, the day that is most filled with love.
They say life imitates art. I say my life is art. Art is present in my daily routines and in my every interaction with the world. Through my art I communicate my intent, express my emotions and share my love. The “Jane Collection” explores a wide array of mediums and complex textures as I represent the diverse pallete of female emotion. The emotions exhibited within this collection are an extension of what I and every woman experience as we go through our daily lives.
What’s happiness for Mia?
Happiness is being free to be me.
Late nights with good wine, listenting to jazz.
Quite moments alone in the morning drinking coffee watching the city awaken.
Dancing salsa and tango.
Experiencing the artwork of others
Long, Deep conversations with good friends
Laughing, Giggling and forever acting as a teenage girl
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