Interview with model Irina Abzalova

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Who is Irina Abzalova?

A person who tring to find himself in this life. Music and movies are my love.But now i am a model!

How did you start and how was your first experience in this industry?
I began a modeling career at the age of 15, I signed my first contract with the mother Agency. I have not really idea what it means to be a model. I studied music and played volleyball. But then I got injured and understood that the sport is not that I want and my Mom took me to the model Agency where after two days later I signed a contract. And so began my journey in this business. My first trip was Taiwan. There I began to understand more this business. It was hard, when you’re 15 you still have no idea that you’re a model and being far from home. The beginning of independent life in such a young age can sometimes break a person, but with me always were my family, friends and support agencies. The first trip will always be in my memory. The nice place and good people around. I think it is was perfect start.

Сan you tell us something about your experiance?
My trips always teach me something. I’m learning more about this world.Model job is meeting new people.
At the castings you are meeting with clients and they don’t need boring people with problems. The clients always looking a person who can to breathe life into their ideas. This is my job!

What is the best and worst aspect of your job?
The best is of course creativity.You have all the time in movement. You are taking pictures with professional photographers, you’re working with the best designers. Today you are working in the mountains, tomorrow on the beach near the ocean. In the same working in the Studio or runway, gives you so much positivity that seems like ” life is beautiful”. Second best thing is to live in apartments with models from around the world. We all have same life with our stories, they are very friendly and always ready to help. We often going to hanging out somewhere with my neighbors. Indeed, during the trip, they become part of you. I have a lot friends with whom I met on different trips and with whom I kept in touch always. The worst It’s a long flight. Castings from the early morning until the evening, and sometimes after it should work till deep night. So from morning to night you should to give 100 % of yourself. Second The climate is not always easy to tolerate in different countries. But more difficult is when you have to leave people that in this journey could become for you realy important.

How do you handle the pressure that this type of job involves?
I am always listening music that helps me. Also go to watch a good movie. But the best is being on the roof of a high building. Having dinner or just listening music, on the roof its perfect.It is always make me feel free and calm.

What does irina like the most about herself and what the less?
Most of all in myself I like, that I never give up. I learned it from my mom. Less by nature I am very soft and romantic person.

What are your best satisfactions you had in your life and career?
Most in my life I am enjoying travels. In Modeling career i am taking satisfactions of the process photo shootings that helping me opening my talent like an actress.

Is life always better than a nice move?
Hmmm…sometimes life is better than the move, but in the move you have a screenplan.

What is your project for the future?
At this moment I signed a new contract with a wonderful agency “Rate Models”. They are very professional and found me good agencies in Europe and Asia .Want to see all world .So also, I hope to develop my career like an actress and musicion. It is just plans but I work hard on their realization.

Irina thanks a lot for your time. Voce Spettacolo wishes you the best for your future.

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