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We are thrilled to share the very exciting news, that we just got the thumps up confirming that the Sydney Indie Film Festival 2017 will take place at one of Sydney’s biggest movies location: Event Cinemas George Street, at their inaugural Festival Space!

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More exciting news!
Yes, we love indie films, and we love sharing all release news with all of you, that’s why we created this new session “Now Showing Everywhere”!

Did you miss a particular session at the Sydney Indie Film Festival of a movie you really wanted to see but your boss didn’t let you leave work early?

Or you liked a movie so much that you would love to watch it again?

Well, you asked and we listened!

Great news!

Now you can!

After the festival circuits, many of the filmmakers release their films online so everybody around the entire world can watch them!

Nothing beats live life experiences, like going out and attending the film festival’s exclusive premiere events, meeting the filmmakers, participating in the Q&As sessions, making new friends and being part of all that electrifying buzz as the first ones to watch the films in Sydney or world (Yes, we have many World Movie’s Premieres!)

But if you missed it, there are always the next edition’s events, and in the meantime, enjoy some amazing films wherever you are right now!

Thank you for supporting Indie Films and Filmmakers!

Sydney Indie Film Festival Team

Check out the Online Releases News Session here!

Make sure you check out the “”Now Showing Everywhere” posts regularly & enjoy all the amazing official selections that are now available online wherever you are in the world! #SupportIndieFilms!
We would like to say a very big thank you from the heart to everybody who has been part of this amazing journey!
Watch Full Film on YouTube
Check out film release post at the Sydney Indie FF News Session!
Now Available Everywhere!
Check out film release post at the Sydney Indie FF News Session!
Watch Full Film on YouTube!
Check out film release post at the Sydney Indie FF News Session!
Now Available on iTunes!
Check out film release post at the Sydney Indie FF News Session!
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