Vinyl only – Ltd. 300 – Florian Meindl – Colorful Cage EP (Pre-order)

Vinyl only – Ltd. 300 – Florian Meindl – Colorful Cage EP

Pre-order here and get it quicker than everybody else:


Florian Meindl kick starts 2017 with a special four-track vinyl-only release ‘Colorful Cage’. Released on his own imprint FLASH Recordings, the title track is taken from his forthcoming album ‘Time Illusion’.

There is an exclusive vinyl edit of Florian’s previously released foreboding techno track ‘Nix Charon’ and completing the EP are two further unique tracks ‘Controlled Pressure’ and ‘Wild Sequence 3’ which also features in the upcoming LP.

Catch him on the upcoming album tour as LIVE ACT or DJ! Find first tour date announcements here.

Florian Meindl LIVE ACT at DIEZE Warehouse Montpellier

Sneak preview of Album LIVE ACT

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