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VOCE SPETTACOLO is a Film Production and Distribution Company based in Matera (Italy) and operating in Los Angeles, founded by Walter Nicoletti, actor, producer, Oscar® qualified director, member of the International Press Academy Satellite™Awards, Hollywood Creative Alliance, European Film Academy, Independent Spirit Awards, American Film Institute and Online Film & Television Association.

VOCE SPETTACOLO is the only Italian distributor of short films in Los Angeles to the Oscar qualifying program in the Live Action Short Film, Animated Short Film and Documentary Short Film sections of the Academy Awards.

In 2023, we qualified 5 Italian short films for the Oscars, including the winner of italian Golden Globe, the winner of italian contest of Francis Ford Coppola and the short produced by Oscar® winner James Ivory.


The Academy (The Oscars), The Walt Disney Company, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Netflix, Rai, Mediaset, Sky, Viacom, Marvel, Warner Music, Sony Music and many others.

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dott. Walter Nicoletti | CEO and FOUNDER



dott. Michele Valente


dott. Vito Nicoletti


VOCE SPETTACOLO di Nicoletti Walter

Via Roma, 71 – Matera 75100

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