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Giorgio R. G. Barbagallo is an architect, specializing in industrial design, in fact, as Thesis he presented a car of the future, it was an electric city car with two seats. After about twenty years, living in the center of a big city, with the suggestion of her sister Angela, who will occupy a management role in the company that he want to also start with the help of the consultant Dr. Mario Rapisarda (which is already dealing into account the economic and logistical), he designed and built a prototype vehicle electrically assisted pedal to a place on the velomobile model. 80% of urban trips on board cars is made up of individuals. In September 2015 it was successfully presented to the Italian talent show “tu si que vales”.

Giorgio already have an Atelier “barbagallo bikecars” which was also produced a second prototype workshop and a model of the vehicle scale that will go into production: the ‘X01.

Unlike other velomobile  commercially barbagallo the X01 has been designed trying to combine the advantages of the bicycle pedal assistance which the absence of harmful emissions, noise, fuel and driver’s license, registration, insurance, maintenance and problems with parking and entrance in a restricted traffic zone, with the comfort, security, protection and design of cars. The X01 barbagallo is made with a wooden monocoque coated carbon fiber, the body is finished with high quality automotive film, it is covered with a polycarbonate shell that houses a flexible photovoltaic panel. The interiors, carpet and fabric or leather, customizable. The chair, adjustable, is that of a car.

Giorgio has also promoted an IndieGoGo campaign, in order to realize the project and present it to the world:



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