Cultural Diversity in New Media – Ganesha, Jewish parents and Asian teen angst at New Media Film Festival

Cultural Diversity in New Media – Ganesha, Jewish parents and Asian teen angst at New Media Film Festival

The 7th Annual New Media Film Festival, a Los Angelesbased festival featuring the latest in digital content creation, seeks to address cultural competency through its programming and shed light on overcoming differences through the use of new media. The festival runs from June 7-9, 2016 and has begun accepting submissions.
Already in early programming, it is clear the New Media Film Festival will spotlight entries that encourage and address the cultural divide using the latest in digital content. Several of those films show how individuals, families, and societies smartly recognize the differences among them and are proactively working to build on their new found similarities. Several of the 20 categories featured at the year’s New Media Film Festival will explore religious traditions, ethnic backgrounds and cultural nuances. Here is a sneak peek at what is in store for festival attendees: The short film “Diary Of A Girl” by New York City based director Sara Marandi, takes the audience through a traveler’s experience in Bangkok – a place and culture unfamiliar to the traveler. Ms. Marandi uses a camera to capture the essence of the culture, being especially captivated by the sounds and sights that occur during the everyday, traditional lives of Bangkokians. “Moth Vitals” by Nancy Wyllie is a documentary about a veterinarian’s reflections on requests made by clients who share an extraordinary reverence for life.
Asking all of us to make no distinction between higher and lower organisms, the film extends our circle of compassion to all living things and At The End Of The Line 1939 Germany seeks to fully embrace the mystery that is life. The Web Series “1 Minute Meal: Ganesha’s Favorite Meal” by James Boo tells the story of how the Hindu community in Flushing, Queens celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi, a multi-day festival honoring Ganesha, a celebrated deity and “remover of obstacles.” While Hindu communities all over the world take part in this festival, this film focuses specifically on the celebration in New York. In animation, “Aurora” by Kenson Lee shows us how the main character, Gowe, unwraps his approach to music while intertwining elements of his youth as a visual foundation to the song. It is a 16- bit (8-bit) adventure through 90’s culture of arcades, games and animation. “At The End Of The Line” is a music video that explores the sacrifices Jewish parents had to make in 1939 Nazi Germany. The parents, sensing their lives were in danger, placed their children aboard trains to be raised by foster families across free Europe. They did this knowing they would probably never see their children again.
Sharing space with someone of a different cultural, religious, or ethnic background can prove to be a rich experience, our festival is one great way to have that experience. Susan JohnstonFounder/Director New Media Film Festival All of these fantastic stories showcase ways in which people survive and often thrive in multicultural families and societies. Audiences will have an opportunity to embrace the diverse content reflected in various new media submissions on June7-9, 2016. “Sharing space with someone of a different cultural, religious, or ethnic background can prove to be a rich experience,” said Susan Johnston, Founder and Director of the New Media Film Festival. “Our festival is one great way to have that experience.” The New Media Film Festival will accept submissions until April 25, 2016.
With over 20 categories, the Festival provides an opportunity for non-traditional films to be seen. Honoring stories worth telling is the motto of the Festival, appropriately reflecting its intersection of artistry, distribution, new formats and new tech. All ages, cultures and media are welcome to apply. For more information about the upcoming 7th annual New Media Film Festival please visit

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