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Batman Returns (1992) | Pee-wee’s Big Adventure (1985) | Ghost World (2001)




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June 7 Screening 3: Web Series 2, Mobile/Tablet, Scripts, Q & A, Web Series Superstar Panel (6-8pm) Super Lame Powers Ep Tim the Therapist? Super Lame Powers Ep Tim the Therapist?

Director: Teresa Vilaseca
Country: USA
Running time: 1:59
L.A. premiere!

A group of people attend group therapy because they have really lame superpowers. Unfortunately the inexperienced therapist, Tim, isn’t much help and might be keeping a secret.

Heyday vintage TV Ep 1 Studio 54 Heyday vintage TV Ep 1 Studio 54

Director: JC Diaz & Nico Belha
Country: USA
Running time: 5:41
L.A. premiere!

Heydays Vintage TV is a unique magazine style show that honors the best of yesterday while embracing the wonder of today!

Non Moms Ep 1 Non Moms Ep 1

Director: Joe Wesley
Country: USA
Running time: 1:35
World premiere!

When one of their own gets pregnant, four friends grapple with the idea of motherhood while trying to plan a baby shower.

Riley the Web Series Ep 2 Riley the Web Series Ep 2

Director: Jeffrey Scott Basham
Country: USA
Running time: 3:27
World premiere!

Riley is an original comedy series about a former teen pop star. Now in her thirties, she’s struggling to overcome a publicly humiliating downfall and subsequent nervous breakdown. But, it’s the power of friendship and the quirky characters she meets along the way that just might get her through…

#GradGirls #GradGirls

Director: Daniel Noah
Country: USA
Running time: 3:07
World premiere!

When three girls live together things get interesting!

Say Hello Ep 3 Say Hello Ep 3

Director: Brooke Elliott
Country: USA
Running time: 5:24

Say Hello is a comedic reunion of two childhood acquaintances whose lives become entangled.

Little Acorn Ep 1 Little Acorn Ep 1

Director: Maria Theodorakis
Country: Australia
Running time: 4:51

All the laughters, tears, tantrums and endless drama of a suburban childcare centre….and then there’s the kids.

DuAl Ep1 DuAl Ep1

Director: Fernando Moreno
Country: Mexico
Running time: 6:59
World premiere!

Dorian is offered a pill that allows him to travel to his past life and correct his mistakes.

Maybe Baby Ep 1 Maybe Baby Ep 1

Director: Amanda Griswold
Country: USA
Running time: 2:48
World premiere!

Racing against her biological clock, a baby-crazy single city-girl searches for Mr. Right in the hopes of not becoming a crazy cat lady.

Keeping Up with the Reapers Ep 1 Keeping Up with the Reapers Ep 1

Director: Christopher Game
Country: USA
Running time: 7:56
World premiere!

You’ll get this couple. And eventually, they’ll get you.

Shiny Baby Goats Ep 2 Shiny Baby Goats Ep 2

Director: Alice Nicholas Wood
Country: USA
Running time: 8:52

A semi-autobiographical comedic series about best friends and aspiring artists who are trying really hard to drop the “aspiring.”

Barbie for Adults Barbie for Adults

Director: Liri Navon
Country: Israel
Running time: 1:48
L.A. premiere!

A silent film about a lonely Barbie doll who shops a Valentine online.

Cuba LIbre Cuba LIbre

Director: Felixe de Becker and Colin Bates
Country: Cuba
Running time: 6:41
World premiere!

Young business man journeys to Havana Cuba for work, only to find a beautiful distraction…

Fire Mountain Fire Mountain

Written by: Anthony Salamon & Ronnie S. Riskalla
Country: Iceland
L.A. premiere!

Fire mountain is the story of brave men who stayed behind to save their village and their country during one of its worst natural disasters. Based on real events.


Written by: Lone Hernandez & Ursula Romero
Country: Spain
US premiere!

A mother that comes up with a cunning plan to make sure her husband and 14 year old son become close again after realizing she has irreversible cancer. The story speaks out about many things, but most of all of the importance of gestures, contact, time, affection and good intentions that almost always end up giving as an answer unexpected results and in this case love.

Clear Blue Sky Clear Blue Sky

Written by: Michael Spiros Brazda

A curious writer is sucked into a criminal conspiracy when a loaf of white bread falls from the sky and kills a man who looks just like him.

Dope Mister Dee Dope Mister Dee

Written by: Juliet DeVette
Country: USA
World premiere!

When a 12-year old boy searches for his missing father in the ocean, he finds a way to understand his loss by revisiting the imaginative stories he was told as a child.

Render Render

Written by: Kirill Kiselev
Country: USA
World premiere!

A woman who can enter the minds of artificially intelligent machines is pulled into a hidden war with a corporate government.

Homefront Homefront

Written by: Alex Stathis
Country: USA

A Korean War veterans’ return home is cut short when his wife dies, causing him to deal with his psychological scars, fight to regain custody of his sons, and struggles as a single parent in the mid-20th century.

Clash of the Gods Clash of the Gods

Written by: Qian Yi Jie
Country: China
World premiere!

Adapted from Chinese legends and mythology, ‘CLASH OF THE GODS’ tells a fantasy story from a contemporary point of view, illustrating a fantasy world of Chinese super heroes gathering together with the common goal to reform the heaven palace.

Web Series Superstar Panel: New Media Content, Looking to the future. With Multi platform viewing options, technological expansion, learn how to engage a global audience. Includes questions from the audience.

Doug Bresler – Doog Toons Doug Bresler - Doog Toons


Doug “Doog” Bresler podcast personality best known for Doogtoons.com. He has directed an official Weird Al Yankovic music video and was the animation director on Youtubes Paranormal Action Squad.

Jake Watson – Corridor Digital Jake Watson - Corridor Digital


Corridor Digital is an independent digital video studio founded in 2009 by Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer with content across YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and YouTube RED. Corridor specializes in visual storytelling with a cinematic edge, and has grown from humble beginnings into a well-respected creative studio with over 5 million online followers.

Lon Strickland, Moderator  Lon Strickland, Moderator


Lon is a producer and director with over twelve years of filmmaking experience and worked as a development executive for Machinima, a popular digital network recently acquired by Warner Brothers. Lon is one of three co-founders of Octopie, an animation network that services both digital and traditional platforms. Octopie was responsible for Paranormal Action Squad, YouTube Red’s first official animated series.

Q & A

Question and Answer period with Web Series creators immediately following the panel.


June 7 Screening 4: Feature full-length film with Q & A (8:30-10:30pm) Non – Transferable Non - Transferable

Director: Brendan Bradley
Country: Turkey, USA
Running time: 84:00
World premiere!

Stuck with vacation reservations in her ex-boyfriends, Amy Tyler decides if she can’t change the tickets…why not change the guy?

Cast Members:
Ashley Clements (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Poe Party),
Shanna Malcolm (HeyYoShanna, Bob Thunder),
Katie Wee (Return Of the Mac, 2 Broke Girls),
Matthew Scott Montgomery (So Random!, Jane The Virgin),
Amin Joseph (Baywatch, Call Me King),
Sara Fletcher (Frankenstein MD, Days of our Lives),
Daniel Vincent Gordh (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Hollywood Acting Studio),
Joey Richter (Starkid, I Ship It),
Shira Lazar (What’s Trending)

Q & A


Batman Returns (1992) | Pee-wee’s Big Adventure (1985) | Ghost World (2001)

Q&A with filmmakers and cast in attendance


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