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Children’s theatre is one of the most reliable ways to balance a child’s mental and psychological life. The children’s theatre is very effective, through the issues it reflects through its dramatic Dialogue, these Dialogues are translated into theatrical acts, such as peace, freedom, and kindness that we rarely see in our time because of the war conditions that the Arab world is experiencing.

Why the child theater is important? Child theater types?  What is the role of institutions of culture, social, art in creating an environment for this type of theatre?

These and other questions we will discuss it with MR Yasser Algergawi, Chairman of Dubai National Theater

-Why the children’s theater is very importance in the Arab world in general and specifically in the United Arab Emirates?

Drama is important for adults and young people, it plays an important role in the development of talents, knowledge and skills both in Performers on the stage or among viewers, if we talk about the children and the importance of the performing arts. The children participation in Theatrical performances in which the child is essentially limited to being a performer or just a viewer, so what Participation in this creative process contributes to the development of individual skills in general It’s about the activity.

With performing arts such as acting, singing, dancing, or just imagining and reading exercises aloud.

Methods to develop several mental and behavioral skills that will directly affect his absorption of knowledge when he grows up, and there

Knowledge of human development by experience and practice.  As an example of emotional intelligence, how can we talk about?

The motives of crime and the causes of evil and greed to tell stories, but the child will not understand them if he sees unless he sees them by his own eyes, it would be better to watch those things on stage to be knowledgeable enough

And to understand life correctly

So the generation that came after World War II and to this day took care of theatrical education especially for the child,

-What are the most important activities and events related to children’s theater in the United Arab Emirates?

The United Arab Emirates is a homeland that embraces all nationalities of the world, the government cares about all categories of society, but

The Children’s Theatre, which is aimed at the Arab public, has been organizing the Emirates Children’s Theatre Festival for years, organized by

The Association of Playwrights in collaboration with theatre groups of public interest, where performances race for awards in

Sharjah’s Palace of Culture and then touring the seven Emirates with performances in different places in all

The Emirates.

  Other offers, which are in other languages, the most important of which are English, French or Urdu, are either done

Produced in schools to be presented to their peers or produced by institutions and companies of artistic and cultural production,

Which produces theatrical performances aimed at the child or family, and presents these performances to the general public

In various places, other institutions and companies are hosting interactive dramas for children from

Different countries of the world and in international languages. It is important to talk about the role of the state in this aspect, where there are legislation and laws to protect our children from

The content of the offers, any offer that conflicts with customs and traditions by displaying it, approvals must always be taken from the institutions concerned well in advance of any theatrical performance, as

The support of important offers comes from tourist institutions as everyone knows full well that performance offers are

The most important pillars of festivals or events such as national holidays or Dubai Shopping Festival and many examples and others

-What do children’s theaters include? Few educational institutes are applying Children Theater as a part of If we talk about Emirati theater, it focuses on educational issues, including raising topics that would

To do the behaviors of children with a fun and visual pleasure story included in songs and dances, where it enhances identity

Authentic Arabic Emirati, but international presentations carry common human values, in an interactive way

Interesting for children of different nationalities, races and cultures.

It is important to talk about private schools focusing on drama as a method of curriculum theatre, but schools

The government, unfortunately, has not reached this level as required, as far as I know, the Emirate of Sharjah

The only one working on a school theatre festival in an orderly and stylized manner.

Educational curriculum… What you like to comment 

-How do you evaluate for us the role of the Ministry of Culture in the UAE and the ministries it includes in the development of the children’s theater?

The Ministry of Culture and Youth is limited to supporting theatre groups in the UAE with very small amount! That focus on the children.

At all, it’s not in its agenda at all, and we ask its staff to draw up a detailed plan in the performing arts.

Great developments in the world’s performing arts techniques, and really needs to mobilize efforts and budgets

Dedicated to that.

We should also point out that the Ministry of Education is also responsible for monitoring special budgets for students.

Especially in public schools to have theatrical performances and include theater as part of the learning system

School, since there are many benefits for our children, and the need to encourage private schools to do so as well

-What are the Children theater goals? In the recent conflicts and wars in the region, do we need children the performing arts give children positive energy and an optimistic outlook, it’s important to focus on activity?

Theatrical as an educational and recreational part of the gentlest wars and refugees in the camps, to show the value of goodness and spread

Love, tolerance, and conflict resolution with dramatic treatments for the child’s audience in refuges campus and campus under war

Facing wars,, violence, etc.

Your comment on the participation of school teachers and specialists in “theatrical art” in terms of performance in the children’s theater? Should children also participate in the acting process?

For the school theater is very important in the education of the creator and the education of the rise of taste, we all know that the theater is

Abu al-Fan, he brings together the performing and visual arts in a unified artistic medium, thus elevating the students participating in the

Theatrical production

-The most important characters that were embodied by the Children’s Theater and had a great impact on the children?

On the world stage, there are a lot of characters associated with world-class tales, but

Locally in the UAE, any Characters is worth mentioning.

-Are there other elements that support the children’s theater as well?

There are many elements, the most important of which is the need to involve the private sector in terms of adopting offers as commercial sponsorships.

However, it should not be funding for a promotional campaign to support me, the community responsibility of government institutions

And commercial and non-profit as well.

To promote cultural life of all kinds with an arrow always by presenting the children’s theater in its finest forms, the theater is one of the most important tools for the development of society, and to raise the young to prepare them to be ready to face the difficulties of life inFuture.

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