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FLORIAN MEINDL: 1 free ticket for album release party for each pre-ordered 2×12″ record!

Get 1 free ticket for the album release party in Berlin Area Club for each pre-ordered 2×12″ record!

Pre-order here

Florian Meindl surges ahead in 2017 as he returns once more to his home base FLASH Recordings.
He has been locked away in his studio and is now ready to unleash his new album ‘Time Illusion’.

Exclusive LIVE session for Electronic Beats PL on Youtube!
Florian has prepared a unique live set featuring a Modular System, the KORG Minilogue, effect boxes and a Tr-8 drum machine which were used in the creation of the forthcoming 3rd album “Time Illusion” and which he will be touring throughout 2017.

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