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We are so excited to announce this new single that is coming out on InHouse Records globally August 4th 2017 by the one & only Authur Baker & Lati Kronlund Feat. Darryl Pandy & Tata Vegaon. Todd is currently touring & the reaction & buzz has been incredible. We would love you to feature it.


Artist: Arthur Baker, Lati Kronlund  – feat. Darryl Pandy  & Tata Vegaon vocals
Full Release Date: August 4, 2017
InHouse Records INHR625

The back story;  Arthur Baker has been a huge influence on InHouse label owner Todd Terry.  Todd continues to site Arthur as one of the “big three” influences of his personal production approach along with icons James Brown and Quincy Jones.  Todd has been looking for the right project from Arthus to release on InHouse. “Raise” is that project.
Arthur Baker and long time collaborator Lati Kronlund deliver a disco infused modern house production fueled by the soaring vocals of Darryl Pandy and Tata Vega. Remixes by Todd Terry, StoneBridge and Atomic & Anika each add a personal stamp to the project. Finally Victor Simonelli delivers a master class in editing with his ‘Piano Anthem Edit’


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