Interview with actress Gigi Dia

Beyond Acting: Gigi Dia’s Dual Talents Shine in ‘Our Boat’ and Haus Labs’ Campaign

Step into the captivating world of actress and director Gigi Dia as she takes us on a journey through her latest cinematic creation, “Our Boat.” Set against the backdrop of 1968 Southern California, this period mystery drama unravels the tale of Rose, a French model whose life takes a haunting turn when her photographer fiancé, John, mysteriously disappears. In her quest to uncover the truth, Rose finds herself amidst a web of intrigue as each of John’s lifelong friends becomes a potential suspect. Portraying the enigmatic Rose, Gigi Dia not only graces the screen but also steps behind the scenes as the director of this evocative film.

With an infectious enthusiasm, Gigi shares with Voce Spettacolo her experience of wearing both hats—actress and director.

The spotlight doesn’t just end with the creation itself; “Our Boat” took its bow at the esteemed LA Shorts International Film Festival, a distinguished platform known for propelling emerging filmmakers into the limelight. Gigi’s elation is palpable as she reflects on the film’s premiere.

Gigi Dia’s artistic journey has traversed diverse landscapes within the entertainment industry, spanning from commercials to music videos. When asked about her aspirations for the future, her eyes light up with enthusiasm.

Having embraced opportunities on both sides of the Atlantic, Gigi sheds light on the contrasts she’s observed in the filmmaking process between France and the United States. Gigi’s journey embodies a resolute determination to shatter boundaries and embrace challenges head-on. Her advice for aspiring actors is laced with conviction.

Peering into the future, Gigi’s star continues to rise as she becomes a prominent figure in Haus Labs’ upcoming concealer campaign.

In the ever-evolving tapestry of her career, Gigi Dia stands as a testament to creativity, resilience, and the power of breaking barriers. With her infectious energy and insatiable appetite for challenges, her journey is one to watch, a cinematic narrative that continues to unfold, scene by scene.


As an actress and director of “Our Boat,” could you tell us more about the film and the experience of being both in front of and behind the camera?

So Our Boat is a period mystery drama set in 1968 Southern California. It tells the story of Rose, a French model living in the us with her photographer fiancé. French model Roseʼs life is forever changed by the disappearance of her fiancé John. On the search for her missing lover, each of his lifelong childhood friends quickly becomes a suspect.
I play the main character Rose, and it was a great experience to be both in front and behind the camera. I got to learn about production, film editing, coloring, and so on.

It was such a pleasure to work with a talented cast and crew! I’m very lucky and grateful to have that opportunity for my first ever short film.

“Our Boat” had its premiere at the LA Shorts International Film Fest, a qualifying festival for prestigious awards. How does it feel to have your work recognized on such a platform?

Oh it’s amazing! I’m so glad that all this hard work paid off! We had a great screening and Our Boat was really well received by the audience.

From commercials to music videos, you’ve explored various facets of the entertainment industry. Is there a particular medium or role you’re eager to delve into next?

Yes, I’d love to be a lead role on a tv show. It could be a mini series or a 5 seasons show. I just love it. I’ve done mostly films in the past and this is a medium that is calling my attention.

As someone who has worked internationally, what differences have you noticed in the filmmaking process between France and the United States?

I love working internationally and I want to keep doing it. I do find that I have more opportunities in the US. There’s more projects here and they reach a bigger audience in general which is what we want. And I feel like here they want to give you a chance. They welcome newcomers with bigger harms. Whether in France, the business seems a little more close for newcomers and we usually see the same actors over and over. So it makes it harder to get opportunities unless you’re already in their circle. 

Your journey seems to reflect a strong determination to break barriers and embrace new challenges. What advice do you have for aspiring actors who want to achieve similar success?

Just do it already! Create your own opportunities and don’t wait for the others to give you green light! We all have the power the break barriers.

Looking ahead, you’ll be part of the new ad for Haus Labs’ concealer. Could you share any insights into the upcoming project and your role in it?

So excited for this new ad to come out on sept. 7. I absolutely love working with Haus Labs by Lady Gaga. I’m modeling one of the 31 concealer shades this time. It’s really amazing, I can’t wait for the world to discover their new concealer!

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