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Hi Mimi. It’s a great pleasure to have you as our guest on vocespettacolo.com Lets’ start from the first question…How do you balance your personal life with your work life?

I don’t, haha. My personal life is my work life. It’s like I’m an open book. Everything I feel either becomes inspiration for a song, or a music video. I barely have time off because during my time off I play instruments…That’s what happens when you are in love. I am completely romantically in love with music and art. I’ve been all my life and I can’t not think about it… It’s on my mind all the time.

What’s a normal day like in your life?

Every day is different, my schedule is unscheduled and I love it! Haha. But I like working out in the morning before I start my day, ideally, I would wake up, write in my diary, work out, shower, do my vocal warmups and start my day. But I don’t always have time to do all that! I keep myself busy. I have multiple songwriting sessions with different artists every week and I also live stream and talk with my fans.

We’re sure you have been asked this a million times but how did you get into the industry?

I don’t really remember “getting into the industry” it’s kinda been something I knew all my life. Since I have memory I’ve been dancing and singing and writing songs, so it’s always been there.

Do you play any instruments?

Yes, a few. I play piano, guitar, bass, ukelele, harmonica, and I studied violin for eight years but it’s been a while since I don’t play it… So, I’m not sure it counts anymore.

If you could go and work with any artist right now who would it be?

There’s so much talent out there… I’d love to collab with Lennon Stella, she’s such an inspiration to me. Or Julia Michaels, I’d actually LOVE to write a song with Julia.

What are your thoughts on fame?

I think it can change people, and if you’re not around a good group it can get really hard and lonely. I think people shouldn’t chase after fame. If you’re in music just to be famous you chose the wrong path. Fame should be a byproduct of your success as an artist, and that success should come from passion and putting your heart out.

What would you tell yourself a year from now?

To remember to stay calm, and that life is too short. Not to waste my time after superficial things. That is actually one of my biggest fears, not living my life to the fullest.

Who has made the biggest impact on your life so far, and why?

This is such a hard question. I had a friend pass away about three years ago, and my life had a before and after that. It’s like it really opened my eyes to the fact that we’re here on borrowed time, we don’t own earth or life, and every second of this life counts, so I don’t wanna waste any. I just wanna be happy.

What would you say is the greatest lesson you have learned so far in this business?

To set my boundaries. I used to try to help everyone, and as I started becoming successful it was so hard for me to establish boundaries because I didn’t want to come off as rude or a diva. But with time I learnt people are always gonna judge you, and knowing where you stand and your limits does not make you a bad person. We can’t please everyone all the time, sometimes we have to put ourselves first… and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Thanks a lot Mimi, you’ve been very kind. Voce Spettacolo wishes you all the best in your career and life.

Argentinian singer/songwriter Mimi Rose, Presents her emotional single, “Self Destructive”


Singer/songwriter Mimi Rose presents her new single, “Self Destructive”. The track was co-produced by Javier Martinez Cruces and Luke Villemur, and explores the topic of self sabotage. The artist quoted: “I release sad music so that I can inspire people who feel that way to live differently and to choose life”. Written after the passing of one of her closest friends due to a drug overdose, Mimi openly sings about self destructive behaviors hoping to make a change on people’s lives. “We gotta appreciate our loved ones, we’re here on borrowed time and every second of life is golden”.

In 2018, Mimi’s single “The Mission” put her on the map with Latin American press and became one of two singles to leap into the #1 spot for iTunes Argentina (the other single being “Wherever You Go”).

Mimi Rose also writes for some of the biggest artists. She has been involved in songwriting sessions with Warner Chapell Latin and Saban Music Group, and has co-written music with Andrekza, the first latina artist to be signed onto legendary DJ and producer Steve Aoki’s new Latin music label, Dim Mak En Fuego. Recently we saw a video of Steve Aoki dancing to his new favorite song. That song was co-written by Mimi Rose and Andrekza, who is also the singer of the single. See the video on this link https://www.instagram.com/p/CHbW8W4pOTi/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

She’s also collaborated with the artists Marie Monti, Fran Silva, Leli Hernandez, PYM, Erubey De Anda, Ignacio Val, Menend, and Dragon Rojo. Mimi is featured as one of the main songwriters for the official opening song (“Dosis De Mi”) for Premios Juventud, an awards show presented by Univision each year that celebrates Hispanic and Latino American celebrities. 

In 2019, Mimi became the first Latin American woman to perform Argentina’s National Anthem at the NBA. She sang at NBA star Manu Ginóbilli’s retirement ceremony. In her short life Mimi Rose has experienced a lot, and these experiences reflect in her music. With songs talking about the mental exhaustion that can come from experiencing the whiplash of day to day life, with some days bringing fulfillment and joy and others bringing pain and fear. Her upcoming EP “Unstable” features four tracks of deeply emotional music.

“I’m grateful I was able to turn my feelings into art. I could’ve never imagined so many incredible people would come together to make this happen. And every time my fans reach out to tell me I’ve made a change in their lives, my heart feels a little more at peace” Says Mimi

The “Unstable” EP, which includes the single “Self Destructive” was recorded at Igloo Studios, where songs from La La Land, A Star is Born, Mary Poppins Returns, and Birdman have been recorded. Music videos for other songs on the EP are already being filmed with music video director Albertini (Alberto Gonzalez C.), whose credits include videos for Maluma, Nicky Jam, Carlos Vives, Camilo, Alejandro Sanz, Juanes and Silvestre Dagond.

More about Mimi Rose: Mimi has exhibited musical talent from a young age, playing violin in the school orchestra at six years old and then transitioning seamlessly to guitar and piano. She studied production and music composition at Universidad Católica Argentina for a year, then packed up and moved to California to pursue an education at the Los Angeles College of Music. There, she studied under respected music artists and professors, and took lessons from famous musician Martin C. Hurt. After school, she toured with the group Y La Bamba and sang in Barcelona with Andres Lasso. Her career thus far has been short but strong, and she has received compliments and reviews that project her promise as an upcoming international music artist.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/justmimirose

Instagram: www.instagram.com/its.mimi.rose

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Justmimirose1

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