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Di Vito “Nik H.” Nicoletti

Hi Luke It’s a great pleasure to have you as our guest on Vocespettacolo.com. Lets’ start from the first question... What word do you feel describes you best as a professional and why? 

 I think I’d say Multifaceted, because when it comes to music I become super curious and nerdy, and hunger for knowledge, so I can’t help to dive deep and try to learn every aspect of music making, from being able to play as many instruments as I can, understand proper usage of harmony and melody, knowing how to write music, how to write for different kinds of ensembles, recording, mixing and mastering, the physics behind the sound and waveforms, acoustics, and the list goes on and on, and these are all things that I know and studied and I believe it helps me a lot when it comes to dealing with a big project, such as making the music for a film.

You haven’t reached your mid 20’s and have already composed the music for Netflix films, such as ‘Involvidable Heidi’, films for Argentinian TV series such as ‘Inconvivencia’, etc. Did you ever think you were gonna get so far in your career? 

   Actually not! (laughs) It has been so unbelievable all of these things that happened so far, I can’t be more blessed to have been part in so many projects, working for and with amazing and super talented people. I won’t deny that I keep on learning every day though, every new opportunity brings along a whole lot of experience and wisdom.

Were you always sure you wanted to be in the industry that you are in? 

Yes and no, I always knew that music was going to be part of me forever, but I did have a phase in which I doubted a little, mainly because of what people would say how it’s very difficult to make it in the music industry and all of that, but I came to realize that it’s just a matter of hard work and trusting in yourself really.

What motivates you to continue your work?

I guess that all the ideas I come up with that I want to experiment with keep me going a lot, always listening to new music and getting super inspired by so many talented artists out there that makes me want to keep up the pace as well.

Do you have any advice for those looking for a similar career path?

I’d say 3 main things that I believe are key.
First, always study, keep learning and be in contact with your craft and instrument most of the time that you can.
Second, listen to a lot of music, get to know different styles and genres and go to your instrument and try to play along with them.
Third, be social and active, go out and be open to meet new people, you never know who you’d end up meeting, at the end of the day it usually comes down to who you know and you’re friends with.

To who, or what, do you feel you owe your success? 

I think it’s a combination of the choices I made regarding my growth as a musician and the environment in which I grew up, along with the help of a former teacher I had when I was studying at the UCA in Buenos Aires, Martin Della Nina, I met him on my first year and he would pass me different gigs and projects to do that he didn’t have the time to do, and after working a lot with him we became really good friends and working on bigger projects such as the Netlix’s movie “Inolvidable Heidi”.

Who are your top three idols and why? 

Oh, this is a tough one. I guess I’ll go with John Williams, because of all of his beautiful scores for films which I grew up listening to.
Jacob Collier, because of his unique genius in music from which I have learned a lot, from harmony, music theory and just interesting ways of seeing things in music. And last but not least, Albert Einstein, I’m a big fan of his work how he changed and corrected our understanding of the universe so incredibly.

What’s up and coming for you in the next year? 

Well usually it’s always a surprise what’s expecting me in the future! Specially in these crazy times with the pandemic going on, it’s particularly more unpredictable. It has been tough for a lot of people, particularly with movies and commercials being filmed, which means even more uncertainty on my end. Although, I am lucky enough to have a job where I can just be at home during quarantine, keeping social distancing, and working nonstop from my home studio. Lately I have been writing and producing for a lot of different artists from Argentina, the United States, Italy and Australia and it has been super fun! Meeting and connecting with people from all over the world through music and the internet.

What’s your biggest goal?

It’s hard to pick one (laughs), but the biggest goal that has sticked with me ever since I was a kid is to write the music for any film or tv show from the Star Wars saga, it would literally be my childhood dream come true.

How different is it to work in Los Angeles and Argentina?

Even so Argentina it’s filled with a lot of great and amazing artists and people to work with, I believe that in Los Angeles the diversity you may find it’s literally endless, plus the big exposure you get there to the rest of the world. Also, it has become sort of the center of the music and film industry… sounds like the right place to be for me!

Thanks a lot Luke you’ve been very kind. Voce Spettacolo wishes you all the best in your career and life.


Argentinean music composer Luke Villemur

At such an early age, the career of Argentinean music composer Luke Villemur has skyrocketed. He’s only 25 and has already composed the music of acclaimed TV shows, films, commercials, and theater. Inconvivencia is one of the shows that made Luke’s career take off. The show is available in Argentina in FLOW, streaming in Telefe, one of the two most important networks in Argentina. Tomas Fonzi and Laura Fernandez, two of the best-known actors in Argentina, are part of the cast. ‘Heidi: Bienvenida Al Show’ is another one of his soon to come out projects, which will be released by Netflix. Luke Villemur also composed the music for ‘Inolvidable Heidi’ an Argentinean film shot in Colombia that is in postproduction and will be released by Netflix in Latinamerica and Europa His music also appeared in the commercials of Volkswagen, Peugeot, Sedal, and many other. His mother is a professional actress and singer, and his father is in charge of the financial part of a big company of schools and universities. Luke got the best of both worlds as he grew up, being his mom so spiritual and creative working with a lot of artists, and his dad more rational and down to earth working for a big company. They have taught him from two very different perspectives which made him who he is today, an artist, music composer, and producer. At the age of ten, he started taking piano and guitar lessons, and over the years, when his career started blowing up, he felt the need of learning to play more instrument to make even better compositions, so he started to get into bass guitar, drums, and cello. Villemur started to record and produce his own songs at the age of 13 on his mom’s home studio, getting better over the years, and starting his own bands and playing live in small and big venues in town. At the age of 16, he found himself re-watching all Star Wars movies for the 23rd time, but this time just paying attention to its music and how beautiful and well composed it was. There he realized that music was his future. After finishing high school, Luke Villemur studied film scoring and music production in Buenos Aires. Later on, he followed his dreams, moved to LA and studied Recording Arts at the Los Angeles Film School. There he met two of his best friends with which he lived and collaborated on a number of projects. Luke also started his own band called “Single Shop,” with one of his friends. They write and produce their own music, having different featured artist singing and participating in every song. Last year he found a music production company called “MELT Music” where he is currently working and producing for big names and artists in Argentina.

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