Interview with Jordi Caballero, Actor, Dancer, Choreographer and Producer

Interview with Jordi Caballero, Actor, Dancer, Choreographer and Producer

Di Vito “Nik H.” Nicoletti

Hi Jordi! It’s a great pleasure to have you as our guest on Lets’ start from the first question...Tell us what a day being you is like?

Every day is a constant search for opportunities along intense training in the different art forms I practice. It involves lots of running, driving, flying, and at the same time meditating and “going deep”. I’m a paradox in movement, searching simultaneously without and within.

You have worked with many of the biggest celebrities in the world such as Madonna, Cher, JLo… How is it working with artist at that level?

Artist are human beings, therefore they are all very unique and different. Just like people.

How is Andrea Bocelli in person? Can you tell us any fun fact you have experienced with him?

He is very special. A true artist who always aims at excellence in his craft of singing.  A family man; gentle and warm.

What does it mean for you as a person and as a choreographer to be the supervising choreographer of the premier of Dancing with the Stars?

It was a great experience. 6 weeks of intense preparation working along an amazing team of producers, artists, and of course the celebrities. We all worked together as one, to create the best possible DWTS Premiere. When it aired, it was number one on TV, and the ratings were higher than the year before. A total success.

As a dancer/choreographer, I assume you have achieved almost every goal someone could have. What is that goal you still haven’t achieved?

Choreography, just like any other art form, is about story telling.  The medium, or the level of abstraction of the narrative varies, but in essence, I want to continue to tell stories that touch the human heart and indirectly give me a sense of what we are doing in this world as humans. It’s a process that never ends.

As an actor, we’ve seen you in some of the greatest shows. What director would you like to work with?

I’m a huge fan of “Blade Runner” the original film.  Working with Ridley Scott would be an amazing experience. On the other side of the spectrum, working in my language with director Pedro Almodovar would be a totally different, yet equally fascinating experience.

You are a multitalented artist: actor, dancer, choreographer, producer… If you had to choose one career path, which one would you choose and why?

I truly could spend a full lifetime or actually many lifetimes just being an actor, a dancer, or any of the other disciplines.  Each one could take many lives to master and experience.  However, my destiny has always been to do them all this lifetime.  It’s not a choice, it’s simply the way it has flowed for me.

Thanks a lot Jordi you’ve been very kind. Voce Spettacolo wishes you all the best in your career.

‘Dancing With The Stars’ USA Names Jordi Caballero New Supervising Choreographer for its 28th Season Premiere

This year, Dancing With The Stars brought in Spanish multitalented artist Jordi Caballero as their Supervising Choreographer for their 2019 season premiere. Previously, Jordi has been an expert judge in dance shows such as Dance Your Ass Off (Oxygen) and Step It Up and Dance (Bravo).

Dancing with the Stars premiered its 28th season on September 16th with guests such as former NBA player Lamar Odom, former White House Secretary Sean Spicer and actor James Van Der Beek. The premier was a total success, positioning the show as the most watched one on Monday night.

Jordi Caballero is also an actor, musician and producer with a knack for crossing boundaries in the entertainment industry. 

He taught Madonna how to dance tango in Ghosttown’s music video; acted opposite Sarah Jessica Parker as her love interest in Sex and the City; has choreographed iconic videos such as Dove’e L’Amore (Cher), and co-produced films such as The Load starring actress Maria Valverde for Amazon Prime, among many others. Jordi is currently touring with Andrea Bocelli.

In Jordi’s words: “To me it doesn’t matter what entertainment medium is used. My goal is to tell a story – be in through the eyes of a character, a movement, a beat or a show, to captivate the audience through the shared human experience. And figuring out the best route to get there is what fills me with inspiration”.

Mr. Caballero was nominated twice by the American Choreography Awards for the Geena Davis’ Show and the film Kidbang. He also obtained an acting nomination at the Method Fest Film Festival for the film I Witness opposite Jeff Daniels and James Spader.

Jordi’s interest for acting and dancing started early in his life. In his teens, he realized he wanted to pursue his passion and natural talents professionally, seguing from music to acting and dance. He then headed to the New York City to pursue a career in acting and the performing arts earning a BFA degree from New York University. Following his graduation, his acting and dance skills caught the attention of veteran film directors and television producers including Rob Reiner’s notable comedic casting in ALEX AND EMMA, opposite Luke Wilson. That was the beginning of a prominent acting career for Jordi, who landed supporting roles in feature films such as Broken Horses, Vidhu Chopra’s first Bollywood-to-Hollywood dramatic feature film opposite the late, beloved Anton Chekhov, Chris Columbus for RENT and Gore Verginski’s for RANGO.

Jordi’s captivating presence and ability to truly embrace his characters have earned him a long list of key guest-starring television roles in hit television shows including Grimm, CSI Miami, Justified, Disjointed, Rules of Engagement, Entourage, Brothers and Sisters, The Unit, and The Shield among others.

Jordi’s gift and passion for the performing arts, dance and choreography over two decades also led him to work with top musical celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, The Spice Girls, Tony Bennett, as well as through stage performances on widely broadcast television productions including The ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS.

Following the Premiere of DANCING WITH THE STARS, Jordi will return as a featured guest dance performer along with Brittany O’Connor on the Andrea Bocelli 2019 U.S. Tour. They dance together and Co-choreograph Bocelli’s tour. This follows Bocelli’s 2018-2019 U.S. concert tours in which Jordi performed as a guest artist to more than twenty acclaimed sold-out stadium audiences throughout the United States, including Madison Square Garden and the Hollywood Bowl.

As a filmmaker-producer of original entertainment content for the stage and feature films, Jordi Caballero co-produced the World Choreography Awards in Los Angeles (2015, 2016 and 2017) and the feature films After the Rain, CUBA LOVES LOVERS (Oona Chaplin), TANGO SHALOM (Post Production) & the documentary, THE LAST ANALOGUE HIT: MACARENA (Post Production).

Recognizing the fluid nature of performance arts and possessing the ability to quickly adapt to whatever style, form and change may be necessary, Jordi proudly recognizes the value of being able to draw from his arsenal of collective skills in acting, dance, producing and music to bring out the best in each performance and project he takes on.  

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