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Francisco Martos was born and raised in Granada, Spain. He moved to Los Angeles and began his acting career in 2019. After receiving a certificate from Edgmar Studio, he attended the UCLA Program for Acting. He is known for his acting role in the feature film ” Bloody Famous” Directed by Steve Balderson; 6.15 AM to 6.15 PM by Carl Bessai, also worked as a host for the TV show “Westworld”. ​Francisco also starred in Music Videos, such as “All Your Days” by Shallou feat Emmit Fenn; and “Say it” by DVBBS & Space Primates feat GASHI and was a lead model for CHEETOS, BOSCH, SHAVELOGIC, among others.

Acting and cinema changed your life. Would you ever have expected it?

It really did. I changed my life as an optometrist for acting, I learnt a different point of view, became emotionally more available and vulnerable and I learnt to be a better human being. I thought that it was just going to be just fun but there is a deeper component underneath all those layers, and acting opened a new door for a new life to experience, something that is hidden from us in the day to day life.

2) What project are you working on now? 

I am going to be working on the new sequel “the Fear 3” produced by Greg Sims. Which is a cult in the category of horror movies. I don’t know the whole cast yet but the the first one had legendary director Wes Craven making a guest appearance, so you can imagine how excited I am about this new one. I just finished a shortfilm called  “the dinner game”, and let me tell you that I had one of the biggest meaningul experiences in acting so far. I felt comfortable and I enjoyed the whole team. There was a true passion about what we were doing and what we believed of the story. Was also fun and I lived it in the moment.

3) What do you hope everyone thinks of you?

I think I try not too think too much about that, instead I’m trying to enjoy this path and learn more deeply about the craft and about telling powerful stories that echo to other people experiences. We all have been through things in life, so I hope my work helps people to understand more about others, and reforze the sense of community and empathy. I am not to worried of what others might think about me, but rather let the work speaks on its own. Every time I have doubts I say : “Francisco is not about you is about your work as an actor. That’s why you really are doing this.”

4) You worked on the hit TV show “Westworld”, and “The Real Murders of Orange County”. What did you learn from this amazing experiences? 

Was great being on big sets like that with big actors like Ed Harris and Tessa Thompson. Westworld was amazing. They were filming three episodes simultaneously on different sets. Everything was big but familiar at the same time. For. me, it was impacting to see all this amount of work and detail in every scene but I think I felt very comfortable being there. At the end of the day was about the work and the scene they wanted to create. I didn’t really think too much about the maginitude of this TV show, but rather about what scene I needed to prepare for next day.  It was only when the filming was over that I thought : “Holy Crap, you were in Westworld”.

5) If you could relive the last years of your life, what would you do differently?

I think nothing…. maybe be more in the moment and focus more in one good script rather than 5 scripts at the same time. Give priority to things was a big lesson I learnt in this industry, and go for the quality over quantity.Enjoy more the path and give credit to myself for every achievement. But other than that I felt pretty content for what I achieved this past year and I don’t regret any step.

6) What cinema has taught you in life?

That we, as actors, are in the spot, so we represent many people out there. The responsability to create something meaninful is very important. Is the best way to think about it,  get yourself out of your head and get inspired. It also tought me to free emotions that we tend to hide in day to day life. When you are acting there is no place to hide them and you see yourself totally naked and living those emotions truthfully even though it’s not real. Sometimes I find in acting more truth than in the real life.I am reading now the book called  “The picture of Dorian Gray” , and a phrase came to my mind that says: “I might mimic a passion that I do not feel, but I cannot mimic a passion that burns me like fire”. For me that’s a very good definition of acting. You discover that acting is real in that “imaginary world”, and therefore, feelings are real and intriguing, because we have the chance to experience them with no filter nor judgment.

7) What’s your favorite actor, director and film? And why?

I don’t have anyone specific on mind. I read many books and my favorite one is a spanish book written by Torcuato Luque de Tena called “Los renglones torcidos de Dios”, and “The shadow of the wind” written by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. I like to read,  it really helps with my imagination. Coming back to movies, I would say probably “Thelma and Louise” was a really good movie and a classic in the Hollywood industry. I admire Steven Spielberg and James Cameron. Jodie Foster would be a reference to me to follow in my career. She is very intense and dedicated to the work that makes every movie very exciting to watch.

8) Who would you like to thank?

I would like to thank my mother for her support and inconditional love. My friends Panos, Christina and Any for believing on me when I don’t,  for listening and putting my feet on the ground when I am somewhere out in the space. My friend and producer Greg Sims for helping me in my career and giving me so much support, and all the people that somehow crossed to my life, briefly or momentarily, to teach me new experiences….

Website: Francisco Martos | Los Angeles | actor

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