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At what age did you begin your fashion career? Describe for us the journey?  

My journey in the world of fashion and as an entrepreneur began in 2016. I was 27yrs old & I decided to leave my job of a multinational company & form my own company. The initial 2 years of this journey was full of sleepless nights, tears, small success & immense learning. The biggest learning for me was the learning of managing people .And In my case the challenge of managing my artisans who were extremely talented but due to lack of education they were tough cookies to  manage & the art to manage them for best outputs was my biggest learning in the fashion industry .

Describe for us your favorite hand bag that you designed?

All our bags are designed keeping a theme in mind. The collection, which was designed under theme “Nature”, consists of lots of colors & intricate embroidery beautifully articulated together with elements of nature. A piece depicting butterflies in a garden was one of my favorite designed bag out of that well made collection.

*How did that design change your whole life or your whole career?

No particular designs change my life but the whole journey of simultaneous challenges & inner satisfaction that I got in running my own business changed my life.  Seeing my imagination come to life was one of the most magical experiences that I had ever witnessed.

Where did you get your inspiration from? Do you write your ideas before you get lost?

My main source of inspiration is Nature & especially the elements of nature…. Flowers, birds, insects etc . I am a very keen observer. My inspiration comes from everything in & around nature. I keep a close eye at things and as soon as something inspires me I capture it in my mind & through design & colors & right embroidery we try to depict that inspiration onto the bags.

At the beginning of your career were people interested in your designs? Was it hard for people to fall in love with your designs?

Fortunately people have loved & supported my designs since the very first day. I think they found my work very unique & different & thus were attracted to something so original & unique that we created.

How many pieces do you sell a week? What is the best design that you create and people fall in love with it?

We sell around 1000 pcs a week. My most selling pc was a red pompom & emerald stone designed sustainable sling bag.

Our experience shapes that we are, who has been your greatest influence?

My father has been my greatest influence in everything I have ever achieved in life. His values of never giving up, courage, honesty & zeal to chase your dreams no matter what. I think these values plus the support of my parents kept me going on and made me ready to deal with any kind of hurdles that come my way.

Describe for us a moment when you were not strong – can we stay strong in a moment of weakness?

There were several moments when I was not strong and I was on the verge of giving up. A recent moment of weakness was during Covid times, when I was really shattered & puzzled. But the support of my parents & the zeal to make that dream that I saw everyday with open eyes a success gave me strength & kept me going.

Your own definition of success? Do you think you are a successful person?

 I am a leaner & a hustler since day 1.  I have miles to achieve before I can call myself a successful person.

*How to learn from failure? What you learn from failure?

Failures are very important according to me. And there are two ways according to me to handle and learn from these failures: First don’t take failures too seriously & to your heart  & secondly keep your inner confidence and faith so strong that no failures deter you from your dream.

I have always learned to not repeat the mistakes because of which my failure has happened. I make new mistakes but I try my 100% not to repeat the same mistake, which has caused my failure in the past.

What helps you to keep your creativity fresh?

I think what keeps my creativity fresh is my life as a traveller and my persona as a keen observer & admirer of everything around me.

What can we wear to look younger? On a personal level are you afraid of age?

No not at all. I am not afraid of age at all. We can look & dress up whatever age we want. We just need to feel young at heart & have immense confidence to carry any look & style our heart desire.

As a designer how do you deal with your ego?

I am a designer with possibly no ego. I learn every day and from everyone and everything around me. I love taking feedbacks & criticism as they help me improve my work & I hope I keep on doing this till the last day of my work.

In a few words describe for us the person you always wanted to be?

I as a person always want to help & give back to the society in every possible way I can & I am capable of.

What are you proudest of?

I am proud of all my learning that I got in this journey and of the fact that I am able to support livelihood of so many families that are directly attached to me through this business.

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