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Love yourself… be brave… be patient… those are the tips of the writer, Actor, producer Asad Raza Khan that he shared with us… for more success in life, acting career, haw we can add joy today and everyday.. Let’s read the whole article

When did you start acting? Haw has film industry changed over time?

I started acting when I was 7 years old. I started with Theatre and then moved to films. Films have made a lot of progress in the quality, quantity and genre of content. There are more and different movies coming out with very unique concepts. Further, social media and digital have changed the name of the game. Technology has given people to power to create/re-create sequences that one could only dream of in the past, and also the distribution and reach of content now is insane! In 1990 there were 80,000 cinemas which now stand at 200,000 all over the world. And with Digital platforms, every TV is a cinema – which is estimated to be around 1.4BN TVs/households.

The most important keys to acting success? How self-love helped you create the life you want?

 Acting is all about discipline and about disconnecting to reconnect. You need to learn to break the fourth wall and submit to a character. One can only be true to a character, if they are true to themselves. Self-love is at the core of expression and art. It gives you confidence, self-belief, and humility that are essential to succeed in any area of life.

You chose a job that you love, how much loving your job helped you succeed in life?

 – When you love the job that you are doing, it does not feel like a job anymore! I firmly believe that your best only comes out when you are truly passionate about something. The hunger, desire, willingness to go the extra mile – all comes when you are passionate about something. It helps you be better than the best! Always do what you love and not the other way around.

The favorite role you played? Haw did acting helped you understand people better?

 The favorite role that I played was HAMLET for which I even went and trained at the Globe Theater in London. I feel that any actor always dreams of playing the title role in the bard’s best work! Acting breaks down human emotion and psychology as you need to master both to get into the skin of any character. This helps you understand how people think, how their minds and emotions work, whilst you are acting a character on stage/screen. This is the reason why actors end up understanding people better, as they can put themselves in the other person’s shoes and understand them.

How you can tell the difference between good and bad movie?

 HAHA! That is a good question. Personally I am a very basic fan of movies. If I like something – it is good, and if I don’t – it is bad! I know that is very simplistic but that is how I personally judge a movie. I could like the acting, the script, the cinemaphotography, the direction, or even the music – if I enjoyed it, I will say it is good. However being a bit more technical, I feel the best movies are always those which have a solid script, and really heart-touching/relevant back-ground scores. These for me are the most important aspect between a good and a bad movie.

How does technology affect the film industry? Do you use social media to build your name and brand?

Social Media and Digital are the names of the game now! Social Media is definitely a key tool in promoting your brand and value and having a good following is key for the success of any actor or movie. The brand value of the cast is one of the main drivers of the opening weekend sales of a movie so more producers are going for larger “stars” versus “actors” – thus presence on Social Media is critical for successful actors. The Digital Platforms like Netflix and Prime have also opened doors to content based story-telling and a new medium for actors and people associated with film industry. That is more gritty and real, and is now perhaps the most popular medium of entertainment.

What is your advice for the beginners in acting? Can you share with us some tips?

My 4Ps – Passion, persistence, positivity, and perseverance! Always keep at it! Build your craft and build your brand and keep at it! The initial journey is the toughest and it is never too late to start! I have been acting since I was 7, and only found success once I crossed 30! Even when things seem very bleak, just keep pushing forward and have faith that it will all come together! 

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