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Honoring Stories Worth Telling

RIP – Rob Stewart

Award winning filmmaker and environmental activist campaigning to protect sharks Rob Stewart won the Best Trailer for Revolution this past festival season.

It is with great sadness we have learned his body was recovered underwater in the Florida Keys where he was filming his most recent film.

For more information on Rob and to help continue his environmental activism, his website: http://therevolutionmovie.com/index.php/rob-stewart/biography/


Chile, Turkey, Israel, Japan, Iceland, Spain, US, Canada, Australia early selects – check them out.

New Media Film Festival accepts submissions through April 25th 2017. We start early selects in January of each year.  We have highlighted some of the early selections below. You may see all of the early selects on our schedule page http://newmediafilmfestival.com/schedule.php

New Media

My Millennial Life

Director: Maureen Judge
Country: Canada
US premiere!

An interactive documentary follows millenials, living a reality that sees nearly half of their age group either unemployed or underemployed. Combining verité filming, interviews, video diary, text and statistics, the i-DOoc puts a human face on the quandary of finding a place in 21st century society.


The Huinca

Director: Marcelo Tarud
Country: Chile
Running time: 1:59

Culture and ancestral traditions through the eyes of a Chilean. The huinca.


Super Lame Powers Ep Tim the Therapist?

Director: Teresa Vilaseca
Country: USA
Running time: 1:59
L.A. premiere!

A group of people attend group therapy because they have really lame superpowers. Unfortunately the inexperienced therapist, Tim, isn’t much help and might be keeping a secret.


Recontact: Istanbul

Director: Eray Dinc
Country: Turkey
Running time: 6:30
L.A. premiere!

In a recorded city, are you the one watching or being watched? Play the leading role in a detective adventure.


CALL FOR ENTRIES! 8th Annual New Media Film Festival


Use code FUN and save $10 when you submit directly. 

Check out our categories below!


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New Media Film Festival: The Best in New Media! Honoring Stories Worth Telling

The intersection of artistry, distribution, new formats & new technologies.

All Ages • All Cultures • All Media

Since 2009, New Media Film Festival has led the way in the pursuit of stories worth telling, the exploration of new media technologies, boundary pushing resulting in new distribution models and creating and establishing new methodologies in the global monetization of content.

The New Media Film Festival embodies the transformative power of the cinematic arts and it reaches across cultural bridges to wed story and technology for everyone. http://www.NewMediaFilmFestival.com

SUBMIT to 8th Annual New Media Film Festival. Click Here

SAVE THE DATE – JUNE 6 – 8, 2017

  • Red Carpet
  • VIP Soiree
  • Screenings
  • Web Series Superstar Panel
  • Technology Panel
  • Opening Night Programming
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Live Music
  • Networking Lounge
  • International Art Exhibit
  • New Media Marketing Table
  • Q & A’s
  • Audience Award
  • Enjoy all of this and more at the 8th Annual New Media Film Festival

“Film festivals are some of the best places for discovering new talent in the entertainment world. Whether you are an actor, filmmaker, or both, having your work screened at festivals is a great way to gain exposure and connect with industry peers.”



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Founder/Director Susan Johnston

“Stories encode our now and our future. What would you like your future to look like? Be that story, tell that story now.” – Susan Johnston 


Susan Johnston– President of Select Services Films, Inc. an award winning production company which is also certified DBE, has a Casting and New Media Film Festival division. HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

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