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She works on Robotic Missions for NASA-JPL (Rover on Mars is one)

She will be announcing the STEAM Best of category winner on Awards night. 


Event Details – What to experience today.

June 6 VIP Wine & Cheese Soiree Meet The Filmmakers (5-7pm)

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Pre fest

International Art Exhibit – Jane Yacovone – Blues and R & B Legends International Art Exhibit - Jane Yacovone - Blues and R & B Legends

World premiere!

Where else can you see BB King, Robert Stroger, Richie Havens, Ruth Brown & Booker T “performing” in one place? During the entire festival, you can enjoy the International Art Exhibit of this pristine Blues & R & B Legends collection of photographs by artist and world traveler, Jane Yacovone

THE UNCLE EARL Live Music Performance Opening Night THE UNCLE EARL Live Music Performance Opening Night


Award Winning American Radio Artist, Lacy Darryl Phillips aka THE UNCLE EARL will be performing R U Ready from his International Debut compilation, Its Time. You may remember him from his work as a performer/director/choreographer with Grace Jones, CeCe Peniston, Peabo Bryson, Mariah Carey, Chaka Khan, Lauryn Hill, Vanessa Williams, Melissa Manchester and many others.

Special Presentation (during awards ceremony) Love Song to the Earth Love Song to the Earth

Running time: 4:15

Special Presentation (during awards ceremony) – Love Song To The Earth video featuring Paul McCartney, Sean Paul, Colbie Callait, Natasha Bedingfield, Q’orianka Kilcher and others. Directed by Trey Fanjoy, Produced by Jerry Cope. All proceeds from the Love Song project benefit Friends Of The Earth and the United Nations Foundation. Premiered with Ban Ki-mmon in Paris at UNFCCC COP21.


June 6 Screening 1: 3D, Drone, Pilots, Shorts 1, Web Series 1, Q & A (7-9pm) AEON a 3D Student film AEON a 3D Student film

Director: Derek O’Dell
Country: USA
Running time: 4:00

Aeon, a long, indefinite, period — is an abstract immersive audio-visual experience. A study on the behavior of energy over a period of time. Created using experimental 2D/3D animation techniques.

Chrysalis Chrysalis

Director: Ina Conradi, Mark Chavez
Country: Singapore
Running time: 7:03
L.A. premiere!

Chrysalis is a tale of personal struggles and endurance. The film is based on an old legend about the butterfly‘s struggles to evolve.

Running into air Running into air

Director: Sebastian Wöber
Country: Austria
Running time: 3:00
L.A. premiere!

Who didn’t have dreams about flying as a kid? On film it’s possible. This is me running into the air and filming cinematic landscapes on my flight over Switzerland.

We Are Them We Are Them

Director: Alisdair Livingstone & Michael Laver
Country: UK
Running time: 2:13
World premiere!

A poetic homage to the city of London from the air.

The Apartment The Apartment

Director: Bia Jurema
Country: USA
Running time: 1:52
World premiere!

When straight laced Kate decides to rent her spare bedroom out for some extra cash, the Craigslist add is answered by Courtni, a true disaster.

Adventure Travel Adventure Travel

Director: Ho Kwok Man, Berry
Country: Hong Kong
Running time: 4:45
World premiere!

An interactive game show. Participants will travel only with directions from TV producers and TV viewers. To earn money, participants have to finish challenges to earn virtual points.

Next Next

Director: Elena Brodach
Country: Russia
Running time: 6:28
L.A. premiere!

Another night, another naked body in her bed. She feels no love, just passion. A sharp lancet in her hands and a hidden box with her secrets. Only she knows how it all will end and who will be her next victim.

Jamshid Aria Jamshid Aria

Director: Arsha Aghdasi
Country: Iran
Running time: 3:54

Shot in one day without any edits and with Iranian professional athletes as an homage to Jamshid Hashempour.


Director: Tom Connolly
Country: UK
Running time: 7:30
L.A. premiere!

Two nihilistic colleagues hatch a plan in a cafe, paying no attention to the stranger at their table. Their good natured victim is left with a simple choice to make, upon which his future rests.

The Crossing The Crossing

Director: Rohan Wadham
Country: UK
Running time: 4:30
World premiere!

This film explores the historical themes of migration and its relevance to today. Using a unique combination of animated techniques and live action to build a powerful portrait of a family on a journey to be reunited.

Shadow Figures Shadow Figures

Director: Lucas Ribeiro
Country: Brazil
Running time: 7:41
World premiere!

It’s a thriller short film based on the urban legend of Shadow People. It makes us question if supernatural creatures are real or if our minds are just that powerful.

You are nothing Ep 3 You are nothing Ep 3

Director: Mike Stivala, Mark Travis
Country: USA
Running time: 6:50
World premiere!

A web series disguised as a self-help video tutorial – or perhaps, a parody of one – that uses the crumbing life of Mitch Repter as a teaching tool for a bizarre philosophy of life.

Product Ep 1 Product Ep 1

Director: Simon Bouisson & Ludovic Zuili
Country: France
Running time: 4:00
US premiere!

Product invites you to travel around the world and discover the behind the scenes of the incredible transformation of: paper, plastic bottles, candy, hair extensions and many other objects.

Sidetracked Ep 1 Sidetracked Ep 1

Director: E.D.Brown
Country: USA
Running time: 10:23

Follows the tribulations of a group of thirty somethings, whose lives are not going to plan.

Break the Musical Ep 2 Break the Musical Ep 2

Director: Mary Bonney
Country: USA
Running time: 5:08
L.A. premiere!

Kate, an optimistic music journalist, receives a promotion and lands the interview of a lifetime with her rock star idol. When Kate’s gossip-hungry editor puts a spin on her article, Kate’s integrity is put on the line and she is faced with a dilemma that will either make or break her!

Supa Supa Ep 1 Supa Supa Ep 1

Director: Steven Briand & Julien Jourdain de Muizon
Country: France
Running time: 2:38
US premiere!

Geeky Gamers and thier distractions.

Q & A

Question and Answer period with filmmakers


June 6 Screening 2: Trailers, New Media, STEAM, Docs, Animation, Student, Digital Comic, SRC, Q & A (9:30-11:30pm) The Huinca The Huinca

Director: Marcelo Tarud
Country: Chile
Running time: 1:59
World premiere!

Culture and ancestral traditions through the eyes of a Chilean. The huinca.

Hardmode Hardmode

Director: Irfan Merchant
Country: USA
Running time: 1:31

TV show for Gaming fans and opportunity for the game companies to connect with their Fans.


Director: David Cinnella
Country: Italy
Running time: 1:35
World premiere!

TEK is an original dystopian Scifi Western about a lone gunslinger who’s out to seek revenge on the man who kidnapped and killed his family, while trying to survive on the abandoned wasteland

Danger Diva Danger Diva

Director: Robert McGinley
Country: USA
Running time: 2:31
L.A. premiere!

a cyberpunk musical/thriller about a hard rocking singer who is coerced into becoming an electronically enhanced new-music diva by her high tech billionaire patron.

The Beauty of Peace The Beauty of Peace

Director: Yiwen Liu
Country: Tibet
Running time: :30
World premiere!

Samten, a Tibetan artist living in NYC, through designing a Buddha Temple in Tibet, maintains a close and unique relationship with his home country.

Dream Big: Engineering Our World Dream Big: Engineering Our World

Director: Greg MacGillivray
Country: Space and USA
Running time: 2:00
World premiere!

Dream Big: Engineering Our World is narrated by Academy Award® winner Jeff Bridges, and is a first film of its kind for IMAX® and giant screen theatres that will transform how we think about engineering.

My Millennial Life My Millennial Life

Director: Maureen Judge
Country: Canada
Running time: 2:20
US premiere!

An interactive documentary follows millenials, living a reality that sees nearly half of their age group either unemployed or underemployed. Combining verité filming, interviews, video diary, text and statistics, the i-DOoc puts a human face on the quandary of finding a place in 21st century society.

Come Walk with Us Come Walk with Us

Director: Scott Herder
Country: Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, USA
Running time: 2:57
World premiere!

A stunning hyper-lapse film that bends time and physics taking the viewer on a once in a lifetime journey through seven countries in under three minutes.

On being a scientist On being a scientist

Director: Gosja Klivtonne
Country: The Netherlands
Running time: 5:28
US premiere!

A professor’s legacy is threatened by accusations while his student has to choose between ambition and integrity. An intricate drama develops as they find out what it really means to be a scientist.

Socialising the Genome Socialising the Genome

Director: Julian Borra
Country: UK
Running time: 2:05

How easy is it to strike up a conversation about genomics (“geno-what?!”), does the average person on the street know enough about the issues to even care? What sort of framings – narratives, metaphors, mantras and memes – can we use to socialise an otherwise dense topic that even the specialists find difficult to navigate?

Adrift Adrift

Director: Cath Le Couteur
Country: Chile, USA and space
Running time: 11:00
L.A. premiere!

Exploring the mysteries and contradictions of space junk: a sometimes beautiful, but potentially destructive museum of space exploration hurtling above our heads.

Shoot For The Moon Shoot For The Moon

Director: Lauren Hoekstra
Country: USA
Running time: 3:38
World premiere!

A young girl chases her dreams, close to her heart and far away.

Getting to launch Getting to launch

Director: Audrey Cavenecia
Country: USA
Running time: 8:02
L.A. premiere!

Getting to Launch is about what it takes to get from idea to launch in the alluring technology startup world, as a woman.

Miner’s Walk Miner's Walk

Director: Josephine Lie
Country: Indonesia, Australia, UK
Running time: 2:07
US premiere!

An interactive documentary exploring the lives of Indonesian miners who trek the slopes of the Ijen Crater in search of sulphur. Granting viewers an exclusive look to the their world, Miner’s Walk follows the miners into the crater as they describe the reality of their work, the impact of technology, and how tourism is affecting their future.

5 countries and 7,270 miles: a Cuban family’s odyssey to reach the United States 5 countries and 7,270 miles: a Cuban family's odyssey to reach the United States

Director: Ana María Rodríguez
Country: Cuba, USA
Running time: 8:02
World premiere!

The four members of Correoso Monte Rey family are among more than 80,000 Cubans that have arrived in the U.S. during the last year. Fearing Donald Trump would eliminate the Cuban Adjustment Act -that gives Cubans extraordinary and unique migratory benefits- thousands were leaving the island.

Unlocked: The World of Games, Revealed Unlocked: The World of Games, Revealed

Director: Jeremy Snead
Country: USA
Running time: 3:00
L.A. premiere!

Unlocked is a groundbreaking 8 part documentary series that provides firsthand stories by industry icons, celebrities, consumers, and field experts on the culture, technology, history, and future of the video game industry.

Bosatsu – Year of the Dragon Bosatsu - Year of the Dragon

Director: Siddharth Ahluwalia
Country: USA
Running time: 6:13

Based on a dream and has been made with the hope of finding the Unknown.

The Odyssey The Odyssey

Director: Michael Wiehart
Country: USA
Running time: 1:23
L.A. premiere!

An adventurous and spirituous, takes us to a place far away, where precariousness lures in the dark depths of the sea. This is a story about imaginative play and letting ones mind wander.

Foot Stretcher the trailer Foot Stretcher the trailer

Director: Inbar Hagai
Country: Israel
Running time: 5:00
US premiere!

Documents a young artist’s determination to become a ballerina while simultaneously creating a film.

The Moon is Essentially Gray The Moon is Essentially Gray

Director: Hannah Roman
Country: USA
Running time: 4:34

The film explores the role escapism plays in the lives of children who suffer some form of neglect or abandonment by their caregivers, and is ultimately about the struggle to gain (or regain) personal power, joy, and freedom.

Indomitable Indomitable

Director: Tracey Aivaz
Country: USA
Running time: 5:55
L.A. premiere!

A 1950’s actress is the movie star and epitome of fame and success in her era. However, she has faced a tragedy early on in her life which has kept her going and motivated her to fight for her dream.

Ross Wellington Ross Wellington

Written by: Brian Ellis & Mark Van Handel
Country: USA
World premiere!

A sci-fi-noir-saga about the sole survivor of the infamous 1947 Roswell, NM UFO crash.

The Nothing Spirit The Nothing Spirit

Written by: Grace Fiorre
Country: US
World premiere!

Her new disease caused her to lose alot of weight and for that reason the kids started to pick on her in school. She started being homeschooled, which gave her the opportunity to follower her dream and become an author.

What if? What if?

Director: Josh Liveright
Country: USA
Running time: 1:00
World premiere!

What if we could solve our issues through tolerance, acceptance, compassion, kindness and love? WHAT IF is a series of short films made by three concerned dads who combined efforts to offer an antidote to violence and hate.

SGCH – Morgan’s Story SGCH - Morgan's Story

Director: Stefan Wernik
Country: UK
Running time: 2:05

This film features the true story of Morgan, who with the help of SGCH rose above a troubled upbringing.

Mute Mute

Director: Attapol Worrawuttaweekul
Country: USA
Running time: 1:14
World premiere!

22 people die each day while waiting for a transplant. They died because of their voice wasn’t loud enough to ask for help.

Homeless Selfies Homeless Selfies

Director: Mario Garza
Country: USA
Running time: 2:30
US premiere!

The world behind yourselfie.

Ode to Lesvos Ode to Lesvos

Director: Talal Derki
Country: Greece
Running time: 11:30
US premiere!

Ode to Lesvos is the inspiring story about a small group of fishermen and old ladies from the town of Skala Sikamineas on Lesvos, who received hundreds of thousands of refugees with open arms during summer of 2016. As a result of their selfless efforts the villagers were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Q & A

Question and Answer period with filmmakers


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