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The Panamanian International Film Festival features documentaries, shorts and feature-length films, spotlighting emerging talent and vibrant stories about transformation, disruption and the resilience of the human spirit and includes panel discussions with industry professionals.
It’s been an extraordinary fourteen months. No one disputes that. Not only have we all been locked down in our homes, separated from friends and family and forced to interact cybernetically; but the  very institutions that sustain our social and cultural lifeblood, from restaurants to workplaces to theaters, museums and galleries have been unavailable to us and some, regrettably, have not survived the pandemic.  Now, thankfully, the long winter seems to be ending; the world as we once knew it seems to be returning and, just like Shakespeare adding the finishing touches to Romeo & Juliet during the pandemic of his days that kept the theaters closed for a year, we in the arts community have been ruminating and reinventing our ways and our means, anxious to burst into the world again with renewed energy and new stories to tell. PIFF/LA is back live, y’all! Later for zoom; hello Box Office!
We are very pleased and excited to announce that this year PIFF/LA will once again be returning to a live, in person format where you’ll be able to actually reach out and touch someone, exchange sanitized business cards and enjoy a chat over a chai latte and a vegan burrito (some of us will be in the back with the beer and the pork rinds).  And we are further googly-moogly thrilled to announce that this year’s festivities will be held at the legendary Raleigh Studios right in heart of old-school Hollywoodland.
And (are you ready for this?) this year we will be working in collaboration with TELASOFA‘s East Los Angeles Film Festival to cast a wider net in our collective effort to showcase Latino art, music and filmmaking from as many different perspectives as our blended cultures represent.  This amazing artistic explosion will be happening right in the middle of Hispanic Heritage month on October 8th through 10th, so mark your calendars now so you can come get you some Hispanic Heritage!
Saludamos a uno de nuestros favoritos, el director Sergio Guerrero Garzafox y a todo su equipo al haber sido seleccionados para estrenar su nuevo esfuerzo, BLURSDAY, en la nueva edición del Los Angeles International Film Festival (LALIFF) de junio 2 a 6 de este año.  Aplicando su siempre innovativo estilo y sensibilidad a la exploración de temas al filo de nuestra cultura y sociedad, el maestro examina esta vez la polémica de tres parejas en distintas partes del mundo sobreviviendo el encierro prolongado. Realizado con la participación de otro miembro apreciado de la familia PIFF/LA, Paulo Martínez MedelesBlursday promete, como el previo proyecto del Sr. Garzafox, Intolerance No More, abrir nuevos portales a la creatividad aplicada al relato de nuestras historias humanas.
Blursday, a film by one of our favorite directors, Sergio Guerrero Garzafox, premieres on June 6 as part of The Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival.  Blursday is a unique and profound film about loss, love and pregnancy during confinement. A mirror on human behavior told by three real couples, shot in their own apartments around the world.
Our friends back East at the Philadelphia Latino Film Festival (PHLAFF) are kicking off their 10th edition on May 30 and will feature 8 days of of virtual filmmaker offerings, free screenings, + more.  PHLAFF was established in 2012 and has become the Greater Philadelphia region’s only festival showcasing the extraordinary and innovative work of emerging and established Latin American and Latino filmmakers.
Each year, the Festival includes screenings of ground-breaking works from all genres. Festival programs attract a diverse audience, developing a new space in the Philadelphia region where filmmakers, actors, and producers can meet with other artists, engage with audiences and present and discuss innovative work
It’s a great festival with great content and we look forward to continued exchanges in the future.
Convocatoria Abierta/ Now Accepting Submissions
We are now accepting submissions for our 7th Edition on October 8, 9 and 10. There’s still time to make the Earlybird Deadline in June. Visit us at https://filmfreeway.com/pifflosangeles. Are you ready for your closeup?
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