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We are thrilled to announce that SUBMISSIONS are now open for the 4th Annual Panamanian International Film Festival in Los Angeles (PIFF/LA), to take place October 20th at Downtown LA (soon we’ll reveal our new amazing venue!) 
Filmmakers from across the Central American region are encouraged to submit their work.

CATEGORIES: Short Film, Feature Film & Documentary

Send us your films before July 31st!
We are recruiting VOLUNTEERS!
The Volunteer Application for the 2018 PIFF/LA is now OPEN! 
We need talented, dedicated & creative people to help us make our 4th edition of #PANAFEST happen! 💖 Volunteering for PIFF/LA is a wonderful way to give back to your community, meet new friends, and see amazing films from The Americas.  If interested, fill this form and let the magic begin!💫
Want to be featured? We want to know what you’re up to. Send us news of your latest adventures topifflosangeles@gmail.com.
Our Festival Director, Carlos Carrasco, will be shooting in Panama his newest project: Diablo Rojo. This will be the first Panamanian horror feature film to be shot, which includes a diablo rojo, a traffic jam and some crazy witchcraft! Leo Wiznitzer, Natalia Beluche and Alejandra Arauz will be also starring in the film. Diablo Rojo will be co-directed by Sol Charlotte and Jota Nájera.
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