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Hello Filmmakers & Film Lovers!

Welcome to our April Newsletter!

Hope you are all wonderful making very exciting things happen!

As promised, check out some of the best Indie Films now showing in the screens near you, literally, as in, showing in your living room! So you can watch more movies when you come back from the cinemas, just because it’s never too many movies!

To continue to support of Alumni Filmmakers, we keep track of all latest releases from all Official Selections from our previous editions, so we can share on the website, social media, and here, so whoever missed the events or simply want to watch the films again, here they are!




Sydney Indie Film Festival will take place from the 18th-28 September 2017 at the inaugural Festival Space at Event Cinemas George Street!


In 2015 we screened 62 films and gave away 42 Awards between Feature Films and Short Films.
In 2016 we screened 90 films and gave away 50 Awards.
This year, we are launching the “Best Trailer Awards” for Short Films and Feature Films, to encourage and support filmmakers to make the most of this powerful marketing tool! Read Full Post.

Feature Film by Jonathan Bucari. Based on a true story. Follows one family’s journey to understand and to cope with the erratic behavior and emotional instability of their middle son. Will love, strength and courage prevail to reveal the resiliency of the human spirit? Highlight: Honored with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Media Award for helping raise awareness of the families impacted by mental illness.
Now Available Everywhere!
Check out film release post at the Sydney Indie FF News Session!


Feature Film by Andrew Dawson. “Fingerface” keeps coming up on all conversations about the true spirit of indie films, how its all about great stories! The amazing journey unfolds entirely using fingers, yes, oh, and paper! Within minutes we totally forget that we are watching fingers because we get so hooked up with the characters and story!

Watch Full Film on YouTube!
Check out film release post at the Sydney Indie FF News Session!

Make sure you check out the “”Now Showing Everywhere” posts regularly & enjoy all the amazing official selections that are now available online wherever you are in the world! #SupportIndieFilms!
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