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Dedicated to curating the best of contemporary, emerging fashion, Amanqi has been at the forefront
of creating bespoke experiences, customised strategies and innovative solutions for emerging
brands and businesses. Based in Dubai, the company has been creating a global footprint in the
world of jewellery and design.

With Amanqi’s first Paris showroom, we will be introducing a line-up of some of the most talented
new names in both fine and demi-fine jewellery. Featuring a selection of international talent,
immerse yourself into a world of jewellery wonder this Fashion Week.

Discover more about each of the Amanqi brands’ stories: Amira Karaouli Jewellery – “My jewellery is the symbol of the strong woman and part of each sale is given to support impoverished women.”
By Sarah – “My pieces are meant to be personal, to hold meaning to the person wearing them, so
that they can tell their story with By Sarah Jewellery.”

Syd & Pia – “Our signature collection is a collection of art from the Taino tribes and the modern
architecture of NYC, where the collection is handcrafted”.

MEHER Jewellery – “Alsawah, The Awakening, is, interestingly enough, a prequel of sorts to my
previous collection ‘Kun’ (The Manifestation/ being). While Kun represented a brave ascent into a
new world born of 2020, Alsawah explores the emergence of that ascent”.

Klaudyna Rzad London – “Our label is an eponymous jewellery brand that utilises fine jewellery
craftsmanship and materials, creating collectable, timeless unisex pieces.”
MAS – “With an array of intricately detailed lines, the label celebrates the inner beauty of women;
all whilst empowering them to be a force of change”.

Obari – “Jewellery is a form of self-expression and we celebrate each wearer’s personality.”
Jwaher Jewels – “Focusing on the celebration of gifting, the Jwaher founders create pieces that are
unique and different”.

For appointments, please contact: manal@theamanqiedit.com or amani@theamanqiedit.com.

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