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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.

I was much honored and delight to meet such great Director Maher ALKHAJAH. I met him in event in Dubai” Runway Dubai”

What’s striking, is that my conversation with him wasn’t superficial, it was a deep dialogue, if it shows anything. It shows the inner depth and focusing on being better inside not outside

We talked about many different themes and I liked to share with you some of these Themes. The importance of self-reconciliation and self-love for success and prosperity

Do not let your loneliness take you to false decisions in your life. If you are suffering from unsuccessful relationship, unfaithful friends. First you have to love yourself then other people will love you and respect you. Trust yourself when you trust yourself you can trust others. Still you must know that no one will love you more than your family and your close relatives. Love life so life will love you back and give you what you want.

Your fear of loneliness will turn you to different person. Someone who is not happy with life and himself. Make yourself happy by enjoying small things go out and practice your favorite hobby, small walk in the garden. Enjoy yourself and the thing you do.

Fear in general and fear of loneliness can lead you to many psychological disorders Anxiety, Stress, depression, nervousness. Do not let anything in life change you’re beautiful and unique personality.

In life fight and dance with it. Dance with grief, difficulties, and obstacles

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