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One of the perks of being a celebrity is that you will be offered loads of money to endorse a wide range of products. Often, it seems that the manufacturers don’t really understand the celebrity’s image or appeal, and particularly if they’re based in a different territory, the results can lead to the most bizarre celebrity endorsements.

Brad bit one of the famous actress not only in Europe but also in the Arabic world. He have his own style, very handsome, and stylish. Also announced as the ambassador for Italian coffee machine manufacture.  

Snoop dog he is very popular and during the pandemic he got popular. He is the face of British food delivery service just Eat. He’s name everywhere on the monster energy drink to hot pocket snacks.

Paris Hilton well known American media personality featured    in a number of weird ads and endorsed questionable products, but who would have thought she would be endorsing US burger chain, Carl’s Jr? Well, it became a reality when she appeared in their campaign in 2005,

Matt LeBlanc / Heinz Ketchup acted in one of the most popular TV shows Friends , But before the show premiered, he’s shot a campaign for Heinz Ketchup, featuring his trademark Joey swagger. And a lot of ketchup.

Cristiano Ronaldo / Facial Fitness Pro he is one of the most popular football player in the world. In 2014, Cristiano Ronaldo became the face of Facial Fitness Pro, a device that is designed to exercise and strengthen your facial muscles.

Hugh Jackman / Lipton Who would have guessed that Wolverine would be a fan of iced tea? In a 2010 ad with Lipton, Australian actor Hugh Jackman featured, drinking and savoring the taste of a bottled Lipton iced tea as well as dancing in a random Tokyo hotel. Despite it being a very bizarre ad, it was certainly playful and entertaining

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