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Hollywood, CA-March 2017-United International Film Festival (UIFF) presents a program of new international cinema from filmmakers from across the globe. United International Film Festival (UIFF) supporters are a community of passionate individuals and organizations that are united in their support of UIFF mission to advance the work of independent artists in film and to share their stories with the world. The UIFF community understands that fresh perspectives from visionary storytellers are essential for a healthy and vibrant society.

On Sunday March 26, 2017, UIFF will host a special evening of networking, red-carpet gala, special screenings and an award ceremony at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, CA. More information about the event is available on the UIFF website. WWW.UIFF.INFO

Official Selections:

Boarding the Ark: Directed by:Joshua Faust. Boarding the Ark retells the story of Noah. Everyone knows that Noah receives orders from God to save a portion of the world’s creatures, while God hits the reset button and floods the Earth. Here Noah becomes locked out of the Ark just as the flood begins and must discover a way back in using his superhuman skills as a carpenter.

Shady Glen:

Directed by:Ron Harner. Starring  Joe DeBolt,  Sean Will, Shelly West Owen and Paul were inseparable in high school until Annie tore them apart. Now, ten years after graduation, they return to their hometown for her funeral and soon discover that her death might not have been an accident. These two guys, who would rather be anywhere else in the world, are forced to work together to find out what really happened to the girl who defined their youth. They maneuver the familiar landscape of overprotective parents, local conspiracy theorists and cut-throat teen Catfish Queen hopefuls to find the truth, their lost friendship and someone who might help them turn back the clock.


Directed by: Ian Winstanley. Starring Laura Tye Purkiss. “Balancé” is a short documentary telling the story of working ballet dancer, Laura Purkiss. She is a soloist with Birmingham Royal Ballet with a unique difference; she is also Laura Tye; mother of two.

The Gaelic Curse:

Directed by: Edwina Forkin. The Gaelic Course is a series of comic events the pair try to rid themselves of the curse along with falling Jack Conroy. Gaelic Curse is a Romantic Irish Comedy to be shot in Ireland featuring an all Irish Cast and Crew. The story begins when the devil cursed two servants for accidentally killing a Gaelic `king with whom he had made a pact. This curse was handed down through every generation and which changes each time. The recipients of the Gaelic Curse are Bailey O Farrell and Limp O Reilly. The former suffers with a hump on his back and the latter has a limp, each with a life of its own. Bailey lives in L.A and Limp in a rural town in Ireland. Bailey finally comes to Ireland to find a way of breaking the curse. Through in love with two of the locals. They meet the Devil who plays with them and is saved through love and a little help from the Devils own sister.

I Am Still Here:

Directed by: Mischa Marcus. Exploring the serious issue of Human trafficking in our own country; especially the trafficking of children as young as five years. Giving an inside look at the devastation these children face on a daily basis.

Road to Hope:

Directed by: Mike Wargo. No Parents. No Food. No Future. Stranded in Sub-Saharan Africa, orphaned by an AIDS epidemic, thousands of children are left on their own, in need of a shepherd to save them.


Directed by: Aditya J. Patwardhan. Gabriella, a little girl who is undergoing psychiatric treatment, trusts no one except one remarkable individual who teaches her that the path to overcome her dark past is within herself.

Two Steps Away:

Directed by: Gabriele Fabbro. Starring Gabriele FabbroYdalie TurkConnor Williams. Two young students try to be noticed by the person they like from opposite sides of a canal.

Cupid is not a terrorist:

Directed by Bellopropello. As a freelance photographer and part time procurement manager i get more and more freaky in creating animation films.

In the Land of the Lost World:

Directed by Carlos Sargedas. A journey through time and history of one of the most important religious sites in the time of the Portuguese monarchy, now almost left abandoned by the Republicans.
16 experts talk about all aspects since millions of years to the present day.

The Crest:

Directed by: Mark Christopher Covino. Two descendants of an Irish king journey to an island where he once presided-not to reclaim the land, but to surf the waves.

The Night Explorer & The comeback of the mystery house:

Directed by: IIonamarja Laine. An old house disappeared mysteriously decades ago near the railways. In 2017 the house made a sudden comeback. The house is travelling around the city and goes to different buildings. Finally the house finds the right way to the familiar place..

The Night Explorer is a short animation about a mystery house that was demolished in the 1970’s but decided to make a comeback forty decades later. The house travels in different places through the night. Everything looks so strange; staircases, elevators and trains. The animation is based on my fine art series “Mystery House”.

Life is Horrible:

Directed by: Rachel Zhou. Life is Horrible is a horror comedy on ordinary folks who suddenly found themselves in extraordinary, usually supernatural, situations. The stories would typically end with an ironic twist.


Directed by Yunfei Wu. Starring Yu Zai, Hong Xing​, Hong Hu, and Don Hong.

Yesterday Is Tomorrow:

Directed by: Ames C. Shahanshah. While undergoing psychiatric treatment, a mourning widow must confront and figure out the meaning of her recurring nightmares while experiencing a distorted illusion of what may or may not be her reality.


Directed by Jay Palmieri Jr. While undergoing psychiatric treatment, a mourning widow must confront and figure out the meaning of her recurring nightmares while experiencing a distorted illusion of what may or may not be her reality.

Inside Linda Vista Hospital:

Directed by : Jun Xia.  A young girl wakes up in a hospital surrounded by police covered in the blood of her boyfriend with the help of a video camera she slowly pieces together what happened… she mays not like what she finds.

When It Rains:

Directed by : Kellen Gibbs. A young girl is burdened with the news that her cancer has returned for the second time. Does she succumb to her fathers rules once more or does she stand up to her father and create her own identity and take her fate into her own hands with her decision on treatment.

Dress Rehearsal:

Directed by: Michael Boston. A struggling method actor takes his research too far.

Daughter of the Lake:

Directed by: Ozlem Altingoz. A group of friends take a trip through the country, hoping to have a nice getaway for the weekend. But their trips takes a dangerous turn, when their tire mysteriously pops and an old stretch of road through the woods. They stumble upon an older man’s house, and he offers them assistance. They accept, not knowing his deadly secret is hiding upstairs in her room. What will happen when his secret escapes, and not even he can control it anymore.

Sorry, Thank You:

Directed by Haochang Liu. This story is about a girl who wants to leave parents to live independently, but mother followed her everywhere.

Bullet Vein:

Directed by Euro Hangebruch. The tragic death of a young lady causes a dramatic reunion of an old gunslinger, a prostitute and a suitor. Everyone bears a dark secret on his own and still they are tied to a joint fate. An emotional duel will decide about life and death of everyone…

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