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Media is one of the most important sources that effects people and how people thinks, media can deliver any information to all part of the world form different ages and nationalities.
We will discuss if Media and drama in the Arab world focus a lot on the woman in a negative way, is it true they show the woman in unfairly. And Does the rate of violence against woman is increasing or decreasing, where media and drama from all this, where we can find the solution.

Why do you think there’s lots of violence in Arabic Drama and media? How do you comment about this?

Everyone has his own taste in art, which is why there are many movies and series to mimic all tastes. Certainly not all messages contain messages of violence. On a personal level, I don’t prefer to watch movies and series with a lot of violent scenes. How if violence against women is a gentle and sensitive being. It is recommended that there be censorship of films and series, specifically the censorship of films and series watched by children.

Do we have sufficient and affective laws to protect women right in the gulf? Human rights organizations and women’s associations…

In my own opinion woman now days are strongest than men, they are Doctors, business woman, also they have politic positions. I am with the idea of the reformer or social worker to know the reasons behind the violence in its many forms and most importantly to know the solutions

Do you think that the Arabic television drama is reflecting the right woman role in the society?

I watch Netflix, Netflix movies the content of their productions does not include any scene of violence. In the end, it’s up to the director, the writer, and the picture he wants to convey to the viewer, and the viewer has the full choice of watching or not watching.

Do you believe that the Arabic cinema and Drama are execrating in the violence seen against woman, or there are telling true stories?

Art is a world of imagination, not everything art displays is real, perhaps part of reality mixed with the imagination of a director or writer. From my point of view, 10% simulate reality and 90% different from my life. So it doesn’t mimic reality very much.

What are the corrective actions to be considered in the Arabic Cinema and Drama to support woman’s right?

Self-confidence, strength, logical thinking. To live to please herself so that she can please others. There’s a place for every woman to present her creativity and ambitions.

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