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Opens theatrically on March 2nd in New York, Los Angeles & London, to be followed by a digital release on March 6th


In HONDROS, director and childhood friend Greg Campbell reveals a portrait of a man who found and explored humanity in these war-torn countries with great depth and sensitivity. Hondros’ passion for his craft could only be matched by his unending talent for creating breathtaking imagery.


Chris Hondros was one of the best conflict photographers of his generation, having covered practically every major world event of his adult life. Beginning with the war in Kosovo in 1999, Hondros served as witness to more than a decade of strife and conflict before he was killed in combat in Libya in April 2011. But Hondros was so much more than a highly-respected and award-winning photographer. In this feature length documentary, his friends and colleagues portray a man of unusual depth and sensitivity, whose passion for his craft continues to influence people around the world. Whether through his images, his friendship, or his humanity, his touch can still be felt in ways that are inspiring and unexpected.


The Tribeca Film Festival World Premiere won the Audience Award for “Best Documentary” and earned Director Greg Campbell a Special Jury Mention in the Best New Documentary Director Competition


Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures, is a theatrical distribution division of Byron Allen’s global media company Entertainment Studios.

Runtime: 89 minutes


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