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Hi Daniel It’s a great pleasure to have you as our guest on Vocespettacolo.com. Lets’ start from the first question...What inspired you to write Flor de Leyenda?

The text is an adaptation of the legend of the Flower of Edelweiss, the most delicate of all, the snow flower that inhabits the highest of the Pyrenees. It is said that a woman promises her love to a man if he manages to bring her the flower. I know that for many people it is new to listen to my songs with lyrics, but it is nothing new for me, before undertaking my personal project I already composed lyrics in bands I was a part of, like Zirkus, for which I have recovered some ideas or melody .

What’s the difference between including lyrics or doing an instrumental song?

The words have a delimited meaning, so that as people listen to the songs with lyrics, they already understand what they are going for. Previously, all the subjects I did, being instrumental, gave the listener the possibility of taking them to his field and imagining the story they wanted to tell. Now everything is much more specific and the truth is that I had the fear of introducing lyrics with the music because, although it seems contradictory I had already found my comfort zone in the part only instrumental. I think the result has been good and I’m looking forward to knowing people’s impressions.

You have collaborated with Esmeralda Grao on this album, how did the collaboration come about?

I remembered her singing “The Adventure of Life” by Nacho Cano, her solo performances and currently her work with Melendi. The truth is that I do not think I could’ve found a better performer for “Flor de Leyenda”, I also personally appreciate her involvement and that everything came up in such a fluid and professional way, I hope she will come with me to many concerts of the tour.

How was the recording process of the Terra LP? And when is it coming out?

The process has been completely different from the previous ones, with “Origen” my third album, I had the sensation of finishing a cycle and a way of doing things, so for the first time musicians have participated in my studio songs in order to get a different sound, but with the same essence. Part of the album has been produced by Raniero Palm, winner of two Latin Grammys and has been recorded between Spain, Venezuela, and the United States. At the end of December, “Terra” will be available on all digital platforms.

You have been touring in USA, Spain, United Kingdom …., any new destination for “Terra”?

With each album, I have always tried to go further. In this new stage, apart from playing in places I’ve already been too, I’d like to go to Asia. , there are countries like China and Japan that I find very interesting especially for the part of “world side” music that my repertoire has. All musicians have at some point dreamed of being a “Big in Japan”.

With the previous album, you got a Latin Grammy nomination, do you expect the same or greater recognition with your new creation?

The truth is that I think it is a mistake to direct a job or a career to get some kind of award, but obviously if it arrives I receive it with open arms, because recognition taste very well, and over the years you begin to value the respect that comes from fellow professionals, almost as much as the one received by the public.

In 2015 you won the Hollywood Music in Media Award. What did it mean for your career and for you on a personal level?

It was my first international recognition. That year I had performed twice in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Miami organizing everything myself, so in November receiving a trophy in Hollywood for my theme “Waves of the South”, it was really a great joy and a recognition for all the effort I had put into it. At the professional level, it was an important step to strengthen my career.  

What inspired you to compose the nominated song?

Well, it was really a big surprise, because I did not expect being nominated in visual media with names such as Hans Zimmer’s. The Company Code is my wife’s company and I composed the music in one afternoon so, I am and we are very happy for this nomination. The production of our soundtrack cost 60 dollars and has only 250 visits on YouTube, compared to the many millions that the other nominees have.

Thanks a lot Daniel you’ve been very kind. Voce Spettacolo wishes you all the best in your career and life.

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Daniel Minimalia is a Spanish guitarist and composer nominated to a LATIN GRAMMY in the category of best instrumental record in 2017, winner of a Hollywood Music in Media Award in 2015, and this year he was again nominated to the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Daniel was nominated among millionaire productions such as Joker, Rocketman or Shazam, while he composed his song in one afternoon with a cost of $60 for his wife’s company, famous best-seller writer and expert in emotional intelligence, Natalia Sanchidrian.

In November 8th, Minimalia released his new single “Flor de Leyenda”, the first single of his fourth album “Terra”, and his first song with voice composed by Daniel in which Esmeralda Grao, voice of Nacho Cano’s songs and currently touring with Melendi, has collaborated. The album has been produced by Raniero Palm, winner of two Latin Grammys. Daniel Minimalia begins the tour with dates already confirmed in cities such as Madrid, London, or Los Angeles.

Already with his first album “Sound stories”, he conquered the public and the critic receiving the qualification of “the Spanish Mike Oldfield”. He received a nomination for the Hollywood Music Awards, and with his second album “Arenas de Luna” he made his tour of concerts presented in Spain and the U.S. where he obtained several nominations in the Hollywood Music Awards, and finally won the award for his hit song “Waves of the South.”

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