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It’s a great pleasure to have you as our guest on Vocespettacolo.com. Lets’ start from the first question. You received in these days a work contract for a photo shoot for a private jet company in London. Can you tell us something about this experience?  

Dear Vito, first let me thank you for the opportunity to interview with you, which is always my pleasure. In the past month, a private jet company from London has contacted me for a photo shoot project for their jet company, part of a major advertisement campaign. The project has not started yet and we are still working through the last few remaining points in our negotiation, As you can understand, I cannot reveal further details about this project as I am under a non-disclosure agreement. In general, it has to do with private jets such as Gulfstream, Bombardier, and Embraer.


Who is Darina Clarke?

Ordinary girl from a small town who at the age of 17 started her modeling career. And today I have been in the fashion industry for 16 years.


The truth from heart can be told to people?…can they be useful for being better known?

My model is simple, “Believe in yourself and follow your dreams”, when someone tells you that something is impossible, do not give up and continue your dream journey.  A journey is the sum of many small steps. Being flexible and willing to adjust to the terrain while staying true to your compass will for sure get your where you want to go.


Do you comply more to your head or to your heart?

In life, sometimes there are moments when one really thinks it is better to decide with the head or the heart. But I have to admit that, in my professional life, I always try to make decisions with my heart. Because every piece of fashion work I do must be a heartfelt matter for me.


Do you really believe in what you do?…Do you really do what you believe in?

Vito, it sounds like a cliché 🙂 Yes of course I believe in what I do. If that was not the case, then any work would not make sense to me. I think it is very important to believe in what we do, in my opinion, it is part of the success.


What are your best satisfactions you had in your life and career?

I am a person who tries to appreciate even the slightest success in my professional life. What I want to say is that every new project I do, must make sense and must be gratifying. Of course, I will not lie :-), when I appeared for the first time on the cover of a magazine, or when I met for the first-time famous fashion designers, I was very happy, and I would always have a big smile on my face. It is nice to see that the work I do is appreciated by the people in the fashion industry. Which is actually a great satisfaction in my career.


What can a dream be useful for? Have you got many?

Like every little child, I’ve had a lot of dreams. Which overtime has evolved into new dreams. Now, I have become more realistic than a dreamer. But as I said in the previous question, dreams are part of the success, so it is important to dream.

What life has taken away from yourself and what has it added up to now?…and in your work?

Again, we come to question of my personal life, which I do not like to mix with my professional work. But today I will make an exception and I will answer quite simply. I do not feel like I’m missing something essential in my life. Probably just because I cannot see my parents often because I live in another country. On the contrary, life brought me, my perfect partner who is my husband and we have a great son together.


What’s happiness for Darina?

Unambiguously happiness means for me, happy family, love, and our little son. I think the other things can be bought or built in the life.

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