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Il nostro redattore Nik Hollywood ha intervistato la modella e fashion designer Darina Odstrčilová. Di seguito l’intervista per voi lettori.

What was your dream since when you were kid ?

Probably like every little kid I had a lot of dreams that is constantly changing with increasing age. But most of all I longed to become a ballet dancer acting in theater sand musicals. Later, when I really started studying dance at the conservatory, I realized that I do not populate at all 🙂

How did you start and how was your first experience in the industry ?

On the streetI was approached by a man who offered me to attend the casting for “Miss Prague 2004” (Czech Republic). I hesitated, but I attended the casting and after long hours of waiting, home came the surprised, and bacame a finalist in this contest “Miss Prague”. It was probably one of my first experience in modeling in my country.Even though before this contest I hadsome small experience in this industry. For example: I handed the winners of the main prize sat the world competition of the Miss Deaf World. And participated in a few fashion shows for local designers. Already during my studies I received offers for modeling, which I never did not fully exploited, because the desire of my parents was that first I must graduated shool. But it did not take long and after a while, I left my homeland and flew for modeling work to foreign countries.

What s the best and worst aspect of your job ?

Probably like every job has it spositive and negative aspects. But between the best I consider to, that I have traveled many countries, collaborated with renowned designers, photographers, and shot editorials for various magazines. The worst thing was for me when I left from my country and went abroad to do modeling.I did not know practically no foreign language, everything was new for me. ( I felt like a deaf at a concert). :-)) But I think that any start not easy.

How do you handle the pressure that this of job involves ?

When I started as a young girl, so helped met he most Agency and later manager. Now I do not feel any pressure. Of course,the competition is big. In Nowadays are in demand very young girl, which can not compete.

What does like the most about herself and what the less ?

If I am hones, I do not like wearing nothing at all. (It was fun) :-)) Friends say about me, that I am very kind and selfless person, so thats what I in wardly on itself enjoyes most. But even those negative qualities I have much – certainly :-))

What are your best satisfactions you had in your life and carrer ?

My the best satisfaction in my career was that I had the opportunity to work with the American fashion designer “Kenneth Cole”. Not only it’s a great designer, but above all it is a very loyal man who helps many charitable organizations. And I appreciate too, that even though I am now 30 years old, that I was selected and participated before the 14 days to casting at “Mercedes Benz Fashion Week”. For me it’s fourth year, which was a regular participant as a model. Satisfaction in my personal life is, that I have lucky that I can do a job that I enjoy. And above all, I would like to thank my parents and everyone who helped me in the beginning.

What are your project for the future ?

At my age, I realize that the modeling will for me for a while only marginal issue. During fashion shows, photo shoots and testing dresses, I always wonder how the materials are sewn dresses, color combinations dresses, their haircut and various details. It was fascinating for me, literally! And I am convinced, that after what I desire are fashion designs, fashion style and creating my own work. And so created my brand new fashionable project, a line of clothing and accessories under my own brand “ice darinco”. www.icedarinco.com . Ideas and dreams I had many, but the initial realization has not been entirely easy. Since I lived and worked in countries where the whole year was warm weather. I always lacked winter, mountains, snow and all around. One of my last works were shooting in the famous winter resort of Aspen, in Colorado. Throughout the time of my stay, I was very clear idea, and before I flew I had drawn the first sketch my proposal (design). Mycollectiongot clear face aftervisiting thisexclusivewinterresort.Therealsowas originated the name ofthis collection “ASPENCOLLECTION” . Fashion Style collectionis inspired by the cold, ice, snow and mountain animals. And for the first time will be officially presented next year. (If you are interested, more information about my brand and collection, we can do in the next interview for your blog).

MY WEBSITE MODEL DARINA ODSTRCILOVA http://defile00.wix.com/darinaodstrcilova


MY WEBSITE FASHION DESIGNER  http://www.icedarinco.com/


Thanks a lot Darina, you’ve been very kind. Voce Spettacolo wishes you all the best in your career and life.


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