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Hi Jen!! It’s a great pleasure to have you as our guest on Vocespettacolo.com. Lets’ start from the first question.. Let’s have a jump into the past. What was your dream since when you were a kid? …What would you like to do?
Thank you for having me. My dreams were constantly evolving as I was growing up. I wanted to be so many things when I was a kid… a psychologist, a singer, a lawyer, an actress, a president… to be honest I don’t even remember the whole list. But there was one thing in common for all the professions I was interested in – I wanted to make a difference, either by
helping people directly, or by inspiring them to do great things.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?…Who is Jen Alvares?

I’m a producer working in the film and advertising industry. I started my career in Russia, where I’m originally from, but moved on quickly to working on international projects. I’m now a head of Hunters House Entertainment Group, a Los Angeles-based entertainment company that is comprised of a production company, a directors’ agency and a post production studio.

Jen producer: Can you tell us something about your experience?
Over the past ten years I produced hundreds of commercials and films for brands, such as Coca-Cola, Nissan, Samsung, L’Oreal, General Motors, Wargaming and many others. For the past few years I got involved into developing and producing TV series and feature films.

What’s the best and worst aspect of your job?
My job is a constant juggling act. People from outside of the industry often ask me what my job is about. A director directs, a cameraman operates a camera, but what does a producer do? The short answer is we put everything together. We organize everything and everyone. We hire people, work on creative aspects, supervise legal aspects, work with numbers, and do whatever we have to do to make things happen. To me, doing a job that has so many different aspects, is the best part. You just never get bored. I honestly don’t know that the worst part is – I really love my job, and I cannot imagine myself doing anything else.

About job proposals, what’s the one you’d absolutely refuse, and the one you’d like to receive but you still haven’t ?
At this point of my career, I wouldn’t agree on working with somebody I don’t respect as a professional. The older I become, the more conscious I am about who and what I spend my time and expertise on. I have a list of professionals that I’d love to work with in the future, and those are collaborations I’m looking forward to.

What are your best satisfactions you had in your life and career?
I think my best satisfaction in both, my life and career, is just being able to do what I’m doing and what I’m passionate about. I’m endlessly thankful for that.

Do you comply more to your head or to your heart?
You know, they say follow your heart but bring your head with you. I’d agree on that.

What does Jen like the most about herself and what’s the least?
I’m a fighter – I always appreciated that about myself. I don’t like when my mood changes too fast – I can easily get from o to 10, and sometimes I don’t even know how that happens…

What are your projects for the future?
I have a lot of things going on this year. One of them is a feature film “Milk” which is a fictional theory about what happened to the kids and adults that went missing back in 80’s, when the Milk Carton Campaign took place. I’m also working on developing a couple more projects: a TV series about time travelling, a comedy TV series, and another Sci-Fi feature film.

Is life always better than a nice movie?
A nice movie always seems better because that’s our job as producers, to make it seem better.

What can a dream be useful for? Have you got many?
I got plenty of dreams, and I believe everyone should. Dreams are the beginning of us envisioning what we can potentially accomplish. I believe that our thoughts are material, and what you constantly entertain in your mind is what you eventually will get. That’s why there is immense power in positive thinking. The more you think about something, the more energy and strength you give to it. Be careful of what’s on your mind – it can always come to reality.

What’s happiness for Jen?
I find happiness in the little things… such as drinking my favorite smoothies or listening to the ocean or catching the sunlight after a rainy morning…

Thanks a lot Jen you’ve been very kind. Voce Spettacolo wishes you all the best in your career and life.

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