Interview with Silvia Kal, actress and TV host

Interview with Silvia Kal, actress and TV host

Di Vito “Nik H.” Nicoletti

Hi Silvia!! It’s a great pleasure to have you as our guest on Lets’ start from the first question..Can you tell us a little about yourself?…Who is Silvia Kal?

I am someone who wants to do too many things in life. I feel like I’d need ten lives to do everything I wanna do. I think in order to be happy you have to live a life full of experiences with different adventures and live out of your comfort zone. I try not to give too much importance to anything or anyone that is not good. I always think positive, am a very independent woman, active, and respectful.

Silvia is an actress and TV host … all aspects of the same heart?

I love doing both. They each bring you different experiences. I love the results of making a movie or a TV show and also love the process of hosting and specially interviewing people. People have always told me that I am like an interviewer in real life because I ask many questions, haha, so why not using that as a career!

Silvia actress: is acting a therapy?

Well… It can be a therapy or actually the opposite. Depending on the technique you use or the role you are playing… Some actors take their minds to places that make them depressed. You have to play different characters and put yourself in their situations, with their problems like if they were your own problems, so if you have to play a character with many issues, it can be very hard.

What are your best satisfactions you had in your life and career?

In my career, I got to work with people I’ve always admired, and I’ve been a part of some really beautiful projects. I guess those are also satisfactions for my life… But I’ve also been fortunate of having the best family anyone could ever ask for, good friends, and the possibility of traveling the world, have a job that I like and live in the city I want to live in.  

Do you really believe in what you do?…Do you really do what you believe in?

I always try to do what I believe in, otherwise I wouldn’t be happy.

What life has taken away from yourself and what has it added up to

now?…And in your work?

Well, I can’t complain but, of course, we always want more in everything. We always compare ourselves with the ones that have a more successful career or better things and we want to achieve that, but there’s always someone who is more successful than you, so is not a healthy thing to do and I try not to do it.

Do you comply more to your head or to your heart?

Usually my head. I don’t know if that’s good or bad but I always try to think before reacting. Sometimes I do follow my heart but usually I study the situation before anything.

What does Silvia like the most about herself?

I like that I always try to find the positive side of everything and I don’t let bad things affect me much. 

What can a dream be useful for? Have you got many?

I have way too many! Haha. Dreams are good to keep you motivated. If you don’t have any dreams, there’s nothing to live for…

What’s happiness for Silvia?

Having a job that you like, since working is what you are gonna do most of your life. Doing activities and having hobbies. Surrounding yourself with good people. Feeling happy for other people’s success. Not getting upset for things that are not important. Helping and being kind with others makes you happier.

Thanks a lot Silvia you’ve been very kind. Voce Spettacolo wishes you all the best in your career and life.


Silvia Kal is an actress and TV host from Madrid, Spain, who currently resides in Los Angeles. Silvia has been the Woman Of The Week by GQ magazine, A Woman We Love by Esquire magazine, one of the 28 Influential Women’s in Latinamerica by Spanish Influential magazine, and the woman of the month that Men’s Health magazine Mexico ran on its pages. Silvia is currently the image of the bikini line Swim By Judit and has worked for brands such as Google, Sony, Natura Bisse, etc. She has worked in a number of films, short films, music videos and commercials. We’ve seen her playing the psychologist of David Bisbal, one of the biggest singers in Spain and Latin America, racing cars against Snoop Dogg, playing a soldier in the commercial of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s video game Mobile Strike, and lately, she was one of the leads in the web series Crypto Game. Silvia co-wrote and co-produced an anti-bullying short film that is now in post-production and will be presented to film festivals soon. She has taken dance classes since she was 3 years old, becoming later on a professional dancer and doing exhibitions in Dominican Republic.

Follow her on Instagram @silviakalofficial

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