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Hi Alice!! It’s a great pleasure to have you as our guest on Vocespettacolo.com. Lets’ start from the first question.. Let’s have a jump into the past. What was your dream since when you were a kid? …What would you like to do?

I might be one of the few people who didn’t really have a dream as a kid. I don’t remember what I wrote down for the “What do I want to be when I grow up” writing prompt in elementary school. What I do remember is that I was extremely competitive as a child and I wanted to be the best in whatever I was doing.  
Can you tell us a little about yourself?…Who is Alice Ko?
Ah, the who are you question. 🙂 Well, I was born in Hong Kong and lived there until I was about 12 years old. Because land is so scarce in Hong Kong, most everyone live in high rise buildings. I lived on the 21st floor while growing up, so when we moved to California and lived in a house that has a garden, it was quite a change! I loved the open spaces though. If it weren’t for that, I probably wouldn’t have learned to ride a bike!  
Alice is an actress, singer and filmmaker…all aspects of the same heart?
I enjoy each of these aspects of my professional life but my first love will always be acting.  

What’s the best and worst aspect of  job?

In my previous career, I was a self-employed piano teacher. I was my own boss and I set my own schedule. As an actress I am still my own boss as a free-lance performer, but a lot of times, I do not have control of the schedule because I am working with a team of people according to the client’s production needs. I think that is the aspect of the job that I have to get used to when I decided to make acting a career. But it is the most rewarding job I have experienced because I get to work with creative people with mad talents and share the love of story-telling. When everything clicks on set, we collectively experience a moment of what it means to be truly human and I don’t think anything can parallel that feeling of unity. Human existence is about finding someone who sees you for who you are. As an actress, I get to explore those existences that are not my own and in turn find a new understanding and perspective of the meaning of life. Wow, that got philosophical real quick! 🙂 
Is life always better than a nice movie?
We say life imitates art and art imitates life. I think it’s very true both ways. Movies are just a medium to reflect real life, so I wouldn’t say life is better or worse than a movie because life is a movie!!!
Within yourself Alice, is there any border between the person and the artist?
I am sure you have gotten so many different points of view on this question! To me, there is a difference between the person and the artist. However, you have to let your personality infuse into the character that you are playing. That is why we can watch Hamlet over and over again because a different actor will bring something different to each performance! Honestly, every time I play a character, especially those where I have to dig deep, a part of that character stays with me and becomes a part of me. Just like in life, it is impossible to separate experiences and just selectively forget about them. If you went sky-diving, that experience is going to stay with you, even though you might never do it again. It is important for artists to take care of themselves physically and emotionally so we don’t get sucked into those dark places in the characters that we portray.  
Talent, artistical education, determination and luck, according to you what’s the most important of these in order to have success?
You have to have a bit of all of the above to succeed! Don’t forget hard work also! Talent and luck are things that you can’t control and for the most part, is determined by nature and the universe. Education and determination is something that we have control over. So for anyone who is trying to find success in any field for that matter, focus on what you can control and let the rest fall into place on their own!  
What life has taken away from yourself and what has it added up to now?…and in your work?
I’ve never thought of this before..I guess I have been blessed that my life has been smooth sailing so far. The one thing I always wondered about was: what if my family never left Hong Kong? Would I have followed an artistic path? Or would I have a different life working in a corporate job or having a family? That sense of wonder has always informed my work as I explore what it means to be in the shoes of someone else.  
Do you comply more to your head or to your heart?
I would say a combination of both. I tend to let my emotions take over in a lot of situations but when things calm down, I would weigh the pros and cons and then do what feels right in my gut.  
A strong and a weak point of Alice?
I am very loyal to my family and friends. But, it takes me a while to let my guard down and let someone in. I guess it’s because once they are in, they are in for life! 🙂
What can a dream be useful for? Have you got many?
Everyone needs to have dreams! Everyday life is so mundane that we need to have dreams to keep our spirits alive! That said, we also have to be practical in matters. It is a delicate balance as with anything! I would say I have goals, hopes and daydreams. My goal is to be working constantly in films and television shows. My daydream is to have a beautiful home by the beach where I can have friends and family over all the time. My hope is for people to have more understanding instead of fear for each other. I hope to do my part as a story-teller to bridge the gap.  
What’s happiness for Alice?
Happiness is having fulfilling work and a loving circle of family and friends. It is that simple. 🙂 <3 
Thanks a lot Alice you’ve been very kind. Voce Spettacolo wishes you all the best in your career and life.
short film THE SHUTTLE-JIE SONG:   https://vimeo.com/281175927
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