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The 50-year-old actor marked his titanic teetotal achievement by logging on to his Instagram account to share the negative emotions that were triggered by his alcohol abuse with his 1.8 million followers and let his fans know he is still strong in his recovery.
His lengthy post read: “Drunk: when you think you’re having a rip roaring time and the next morning you wake up and your brain has broken into a frenzied beehive and your body is shattered shards of sharp glass desperately searching for what fits where and your spirit is being eaten by worms with great white bloodied teeth and your heart has shriveled into a black prune churning your intestines to the point where dysentery feels attractive and you can’t remember anything you did so you roll out of bed over last night’s urine and you dial your best friend’s phone number because you recall him lifting you over his head, your whole self, before you hit and broke through the drywall and, you think, a large aquarium and the phone on the other end rings and he picks it up, that clambering for a phone, the clumsiness of a hardline, and you say: “What did I do last night?!” and he answers, after a great pause: “…Dude…”. #5years (sic)”
Brolin gave up drinking in 2013 following an arrest for public intoxication in Santa Monica, California. 
In the wake of the incident the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ star checked into rehab and once he got clean made the vow to never touch another drop of booze again.
He said at the time: “It won’t be happening again, I can guarantee it. That’s it, I’m completely done.”
Brolin has admitted the best thing about being sober is being in “control” of his behaviour and having none of the chaos that comes with excessive binge drinking.
In an interview with the New York Times newspaper, he said: “I’ve gotten to a place where all that matters is that I have control over my behavior, and at that time, it was a little more chaotic.”
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