Kendall Jenner felt like it was “the end of the world” when she had her first acne breakout

Kendall Jenner felt like it was “the end of the world” when she had her first acne breakout

The 23-year-old model admitted it was “mortifying” when she woke up on her first day of high school and discovered her skin had erupted.
She said: “You feel like it’s the end of the world when that happens.”
The ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star “really wanted” a boyfriend when she was a teenager but lost all her confidence because of her acne.
She told People magazine: “I literally wouldn’t even look people in the eye when I would speak to them.”
After a few years, Kendall’s skin cleared up but the spots returned when she was 21, which she believes was partly due to stress.
She said: “For me personally, the second time around when it came back, I think it was pretty hormonal.
“You could see it in where I had my breakouts. I also think it had to do with stress. I was having a couple really challenging years of my life.”
The brunette beauty – who has previously spoken of her struggles with anxiety – is finally happy with her skin and is now in a much “better mental place”.
She said: “I’m definitely in a better mental place. It has a lot to do with being clear, but it also has to do with a lot of other things in the way that I’ve changed how my life runs and things that I pick and choose to do. A lot goes into all of that.”
But if she does have a breakout, Kendall tries not to worry too much about it any more.
She said: “It always is frustrating. Always. One zit can really freak you out because you’re like ‘Oh no, are we going backwards again?’ But I try not to think too deeply about it because I know it’s going to be all good. I want everyone to know I’m OK, and you can be OK too.”

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