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The Sydney Indie Film Festival has been created to showcase both local and international new and creative works by emerging artists, and for those who have an admiration for cinema and the film making craft.
The second edition of Sydney Indie Film Festival (SIFF) will take place from the 10th till the 20th of October 2016, in various Sydney locations.
The festival will continue to bring great entertainment to the community at its inaugural location, “The Bayview Cinema” at the Bayview Hotel, located in the beautiful suburb of Gladesville, just 15 minutes from the Sydney CBD. Boasting beautiful parks, waterfront views and an array of restaurants and cafés, Gladesville’s energetic atmosphere and community spirit is one you will quickly fall in love with.
Now on its second year, the festival will expand its screening events into other communities throughout Sydney, now having its debut at Darlinghurst, the trendy vibrant artistic suburb on the edge of Sydney CBD, at “The Screening Room” at The Local!
The community spirit within Gladesville is united and supportive in helping artists of all generations and from all cultural backgrounds to prosper with their dreams and endeavours, and along with SIFF we aim to bring entertainment, inspiration and culture to the community by showing stories from around the world and utilizing the impact great cinema can have upon an audience or issue.
Colourful and diverse, Darlinghurst has always been at the heart of Sydney’s action. With a touch of glamour mixed with charming old fashioned, its creative vibe will add extra excitement to the Sydney Indie Film Festival 2016 events!
The Mission of the Sydney Indie Film Festival is to bring opportunities for independent filmmakers and great cultural entertainment to the community by showing stories from around the world, uniting the power of great cinema and the joy of fantastic food, to bring friends and families together in an inspiring experience, to celebrate life, stimulate great talks with old friends, and make new ones.
The Sydney Indie Film Festival accepts all genres to be included in the festival program:
Drama, Comedy, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror, Documentaries, Animation, Student Films
The Festival accepts entries from around the world.
All films must be in English or have subtitles in English.
Online Submissions accepted exclusively via FilmFreeway.
Best Film
Best Screenplay
Best Director
Best Lead Male Actor
Best Lead Female Actor
Best Cinematography
Best Music Score
Best Editing
Best Production Design
Best Special Effects

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