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From Sydney: The “Beyond The Bubble” Team! Photo courtesy of Anna Hildebrandt.
From Melbourne: The Creators of “The Apocalypse Will Be Automated”! Photo courtesy of Melanie Killingsworth.
From Sweden: The Star & Director of “Bitch”! Photo courtesy of Csaba Bene Perlenberg.
From Sydney: The Stars & the creator of “The Skydiver and The Scarecrow”. Photo courtesy of Sheree Zellner.
Congratulations again to the audience prize winners:
Rita K, Damian O, Mal B, Tanya A, Max W!
We promised & we delivered 11 Days of Fun + The Best Indie Films + Amazing Prizes!
Thanks again to our Super Awesome Audience Prizes Supporters: Screen Actors Workshop, Pure Clinic Rose Bay, Come Sit Stay, The Bayview, Action Creative, Event Cinemas George Street!
Very special thank you to our wonderful location supporters
Event Cinemas George Street & Woollahra Libraries at Double Bay!

Very special thank you to our fabulous Team!

Thank you Sydney!

Thank you World!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, every day is Thanksgiving Day!

It is very important that every day we find a moment to recognize all the blessings in our lives and to be always connected with the feeling of gratitude!

Very special thank you to our fabulous Team! Shailla Quadra, Fawaz Hamawy, Leon Coward,
Jane Eakin, Emanuel Dimasi, Rachael Belle Myers, Amanda Asquith, Teoni Camargo,
Aline Rezende, Andrew Sayers, Dene Stark, Sina Pui, Anna Worthstone.
See you all again in 2018!

Much love,

Sydney Indie Film Festival Team

Walter Nicoletti
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