Di Vito “Nik H.” Nicoletti

Hi Carma!! It’s a great pleasure to have you as our guest on vocespettacolo.com Lets’ start from the first question.. Let’s have a jump into the past.  What was your dream since when you were a kid? …What would you like to do?
As a kid, my biggest dream was to be a singer. I love singing and I used to pretend I’m in a singing competing all the time with my friends. I think I invented ‘The Voice’. I also always loved performing, entertaining and acting. I was born to perform I think.
Can you tell us a little about yourself?…Who is Carma?

Carma is a Chameleon really. She changes all the time, so there isn’t only one description or a box that fits. I’m a little bit of everything. I lived in many countries, and I’ve had hundreds of different professions and jobs in my life so far. I’m flexible and adaptable and I enjoy growing and evolving all the time, I believe the sky is the limit.  So who is Carma? … ask me again when I’m 90yo. maybe then I will have an answer.
Carma is actress, writer, producer, director, and singer…all aspects of the same heart?
Good question. Well, acting is probably my favourite of all, but my passion is not just for acting, it’s for acting on screen. I love the magic of filmmaking and how an imaginary story becomes alive and real on the screen. I’m a huge fan of the production side of things. so I enjoy producing, directing and even editing films as well. 
Carma actress: Can you tell us something about your experience?
Ever since I can remember myself, I have always been fascinated with performing, entertaining and exploring shadow parts of myself.
I think I started acting, unofficially in prime school. My immidiate family were all entertainers. My mum was a model and my dad was a theatre actor. Both my siblings been involved with singing and performing as well, so I was naturally attracted to that. But I’m the only one in my family who decided to take it farther and peruse my acting as a career. And so far it’s been a blast! I’m living my dream.  Here are so many opportunities and stories to tell, and I’m eager and thrilled to be part of them.
What’s the best and worst aspect of your job?
I get to play dress-up and live someone else’s life for a short time. It’s fun! It’s like being re-born over and over again as someone else, like reincarnation. But like in any other industry, there are ups and downs, rejections and challenges involved. I can’t really think of anything negative though. I embrace challenges! It’s more exciting that way.
Carma singer: The song you’d never forget?
As an artist, my mission is to move, and touch people’s feelings and to bring them joy and relief, by escaping reality for a little while. I remember performing the song ‘True Colours’ in Cyprus on day and watching some of my audience in tears. It was an amazing experience.
Carma producer/director: Is life always better than a nice movie?
Life has endless good stories, but there is so much that you can tell in one movie, even in a great one.
What are your best satisfactions you had in your life and career?
I get to do what I love the most, acting, filmmaking, singing, making people laugh, creating, storytelling, meeting lots and lots of awesome new people, traveling.  It’s a great reason to get up in the mornings! The set, stage and the studio are my happy places. I’m truly grateful and satisfied that I can do that, and that other people enjoy what I do as well.
Do you really believe in what you do?…Do you really do what you believe in?
I’m working on improving my craft every single day and I believe in the process. And Yes, I believe this is what I was born to do.
What can a dream be useful for? Have you got many?
A dream is only a dream without a plan. Make your dream your goal and mission by writing a plan, and it will become your reality. I have lots of goals and plans for the future.
What’s happiness for Carma?
The Sun, the Ocean, good music, being surrounded with love and give love, lots of money, good health, and the ability to create.
What are your projects for the future?
I’m currently working on a couple of my own productions. ‘The File’ and ‘The Forever Fighter’, which we are planning to shoot in 2018. Also a couple of other projects in the making…that I should not be talking about just as yet… stay tuned.
Thanks a lot Carma you’ve been very kind. Voce Spettacolo wishes you all the best in your career and life.