Interview with model Sissy Papatsori

Interview with model Sissy Papatsori

Di Vito “Nik H.” Nicoletti

Hi Sissy. It’s a great pleasure to have you as our guest on Lets’ start from the first question.. Let’s have a jump into the past. What was your dream since when you were a kid? What would you like to do?
Actually I remember that I was changing my mind almost every year! I wanted to be either a vet , a teacher or a journalist. There was also a period that I would like to become a stylist.

Who is Sissy Papatsori?
Finally Sissy is a teacher who does modeling for the last 4 years. I have never been in a class yet to teach though…!

How did you start and how was your first experience in the industry?
I was discovered in the first fashion event that I have ever been from a model scouter .As my first experience I was chosen for the catwalk of one of the most well known Greek designers who is no longer alive (Michalis Aslanis)

Can you tell us something about your experience?
I have realized that above everything is the respect that you gain from your partners and the only thing that no one can help you to achieve.

What’s the best and worst aspect of your job?
I have the opportunity to travel a lot and I never get bored! Although it’s a really competitive and demanding job.

The truth from heart can be told to people?…can they be useful for being better known?
The truth is that what shines isn’t always gold and people need to filter everything they see.

Do you comply more to your head or to your heart?
It’s a combination of both actually and it depends on the situation because sometimes if you don’t listen to your head you can be in trouble!!

Do you really believe in what you do?…Do you really do what you believe in?
I believe in the power of image and fashion is made of images! I also believe that maybe Paulo Coelho was right..and when you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

What are your best satisfactions you had in your life and career?
The moments that I feel that I’m strong and that everything is under control! Control is very important for myself.

What are your project for the future?
I would love to continue modeling for the next 100 years!! Just kidding… The only thing that I can say is that I plan to stay in the industry in front or back of the cameras.

Sissy thanks a lot for your time. Voce Spettacolo wishes you the best for your future.



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